Force Of Nature Trailer Featuring Mel Gibson Has SJWs Totally Colon Chaffed

Force of Nature

“Mad” Mel Gibson is one of the last straight white males still making movies for straight white males. While most of Hollywood is choking down the fluids from the dilated wound of the alphabet soup mutilation mutants, a few fringe indie studios are still concerned with entertaining fans and making money. Lionsgate is also one of the last distributors actually thinking about catering to an audience who isn’t interested in hailing the poofing prefects of the Rainbow Reich, as evident with their “rheee”-inducing action-thriller called Force of Nature, which stars Mel Gibson as an ex-cop fighting Puerto Rican criminals during a harsh brush-in with a category five hurricane.

The trailer is nearly three minutes of unapologetic action and violence, something that men have been craving but have been denied for years outside of the John Wick films.

Grindstone Entertainment basically hit Westerners in the face with the sort of action we would have expected from a 1990s flick, only made for [current year]. The film sees Gibson being a curmudgeon unwilling to leave his apartment at the behest of his nurse, played by Kate Bosworth. When several cops come to the apartment complex to evacuate everyone, they’re waylaid by a group of Puerto Rican thieves looking to retrieve $55 million that they had stashed their beforehand.

As usual, violence ensues and “Mad” Mel gets to showcase his hardware skills against the rowdy thieves. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of JoBlo Movie Trailers.

Basically it’s a [current year] Mel Gibson version of the 1998 Christian Slater-fronted action film, Hard Rain.

However, due to Mel being front and center in the trailer, the film managed to trend on social media as a bunch of enraged Social Justice Warriors took to Twitter to denounce the film not only for starring Mel Gibson but for what they claimed was making light of the hurricane that destroyed Puerto Rico.

As you can imagine, Liberal Progressives were more colon chaffed than a retarded bear after excreting sandpaper he ate from a forest construction site.

Yes, people are angry that an accomplished actor is in an action movie they weren’t planning on watching anyway.

The kvetching and digital retching over the film is bound to help put it on the radar of sane, normal-thinking people looking for a good action film starring a straight white male who hasn’t succumbed to the Rainbow Mafia’s delusions.

I know for sure that I’ll be keeping an eye on Force of Nature when it lands on video on demand services and streaming networks come July 30th.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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