Gamescom 2020 Will Feature New Shows With “Greatly Expanded” Digital Content

The German Games Industry Association (GGIA) has announced that Gamescom 2020 will not only take place digitally instead of physically this year, but that said event will kick-off on August 27th, 2020. This year’s Gamescom will feature new shows with “greatly expanded” content.

No official lineup of games has been announced, but we do know that you can watch all of Gamescom 2020 without having to spend a single dime. Unlike before, where participants had to buy tickets and drive or fly down to Cologne, Germany, this year isn’t like that according to the official blurb for Gamescom Now:

Gamescom Now – The content hub successfully launched last year, will be significantly expanded. It will be the first go-to source for all world premieres, news, games and events. All of Gamescom’s shows like Gamescom: Opening Night Live can also be seen here. The diverse spectrum of the gaming world is shown in all its variety in the central portal with different areas like content creator, esports, cosplay, indies and merchandise. There is no need to buy a ticket for Gamescom Now so that as many fans as possible get the chance to experience Gamescom.

Moreover, the official press release via notes that Geoff Keighley will still host Gamescom: Opening Night Live. This event won’t take place on its original August 25th date but now on August 27th, 2020.

We also learn that Gamescom: Awesome Indies will appear in the middle of the three-day-long event, which will be topped off by the closing segment Gamescom: Best of Show:

Gamescom: Opening Night Live with Geoff Keighley – One of the widest-reaching gaming shows worldwide last year, will kick off Gamescom 2020 on August 27. In addition, other formats will be produced this year such as the first-ever Gamescom: Awesome Indies. In this surprising show, you will get to hear all the important announcements and news about the most anticipated indie titles. Also new is the Gamescom: Daily Show, which will talk about and expand on the highlights from its own formats as well as the shows and promotions of the gaming companies and partners on a daily basis. In the Gamescom studio, top developers will be interviewed and provide background information on the latest developments. This year’s Gamescom will be topped off with the Gamescom: Best of Show. On August 30, this new format will close the event with a summary of this year’s Gamescom highlights and presentation of the Gamescom award.

It’s also worth noting that this year will hold a Devcom Digital conference starting on August 17th and ending on August 30th, 2020. You can get the details right here:

Devcom Digital – This year’s Devcom Digital conference 2020 (from August 17 to 30) will have abroad program ready for trade visitors with lots of talks and plenty of matchmaking. In the future, devcom will also offer a varied program of talks, shows or master classes for game developers all year round. Further details can be found on the conference website at

In addition to all this, Gamescom 2020 will also take place all over the Internet. Gamescom will make this happen by working together with many official partners, who will be holding their own events and promotions. These events will then be picked up at Gamescom: Now and Gamescom’s show formats.

Finally, Gamescom 2020 is slated to go live digitally on August 27th and will end three days later. The Opening Night Live event, like last year, will start before the actual show goes live.

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