Heavy Metal Babes Mecha H-Game Is Now Available

Heavy Metal Babes

Nutaku’s Heavy Metal Babes, a hardcore mecha H-game, is now fully available after having a hard-launch, following a pre-registration period where gamers who participated were rewarded with free gifts and bonuses.

You can play the game right now from the comfort of your browser over on the Nutaku app page.

The premise for the game and the actual gameplay is actually kind of inventive. It takes place on a distant planet where XEN units have been sent to explore and secure new locations for humans to colonize.

Your job, as a commander, is to head to the planet to find out why the XEN units, genetically enhanced female mech pilots, have not been performing as well as they should. What ensues is a combination of turn-based battles and sizzling hot action.

There’s a very NSFW trailer available for the game showcasing both the gameplay and the uncensored H-scenes. Obviously, viewer discretion is advised.

You’ll be able to interact with and romance each of the mech pilots, all of whom have their own personalities and kinks.

Raising your proficiency with the scantily-clad hotties will also improve their ability on the battlefield, where you’ll need to command the mech pilots in battle against alien terrors.

The game sports more than 40 H-scenes that you’ll need to unlock while playing through the game, and you can even rank up your double-D mecha dames and challenge other players with the online PvP mode.

The chicks all look super hot in Heavy Metal Babes, it’s just a shame it’s a free-to-play game instead of a traditional RPG.

Hopefully with the release of Subverse we’ll see more developers diving into making legitimate H-games for a mature audience… and not one specifically targeting the deranged corners of Twitter or Tumblr.

Anyway, you can check out Heavy Metal Babes right now, for free, by visiting the Nutaku page.

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