IDW Publishing Permanently Lays Off Staff

IDW Publishing

Originally back during April, 2020, IDW Publishing had furloughed some of its staff due to being economically impacted by the coronavirus. Well, now they’re announcing that staff aren’t being furloughed but permanently laid off due to cost cutting measures.

Bleeding Cool originally picked up word from some industry insiders about the lay-offs and then proceeded to contact IDW about it. IDW then confirmed to the outlet that they indeed had to permanently let go of staffers, offering the following statement to Bleeding Cool…

“In April, IDW made the difficult decision to furlough several valued staff members, and two weeks ago, IDW welcomed several of those staffers back full-time. However, as we continue to adapt and deal with these challenging times, we have been forced to lay-off some of our longtime co-workers and friends. Although tough decisions like this are an unfortunate business reality and there is never a good time for them, these changes are necessary to ensure the long-term health of the company.”

The news was quick to make the circuit of those who typically cover nerd culture, such as Clownfish TV.

Don’t feel bad for IDW.

The company is steeped in identity politics.

They introduced a female turtle to their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles run that had no feminine qualities and was purposely made to fit into a delusional mold mentally ill people call “non-binary”.

They allowed Aubrey Sitterson to ruin G.I. Joe by race-swapping characters and adding fat black lesbians to the line-up.

They also promoted transgender Transformers in their comic run of Hasbro’s iconic robots in disguise. Yes, they nonsensically promoted transgender Transformers.

To no one’s surprise they managed to lose close to a $1 million back in the third quarter of 2018 all while their comic book sales were in the gutter. With the coronavirus causing Diamond to halt shipments of new books back in March, it further hurt IDW’s business to the point where they had to not just furlough some staff but outright lay them off… permanently.

This is a case of getting woke and going broke… with a little nudge from the little minx known as Mistress Corona-chan.

(Thanks for the news tips Lazer and RomanPerfection)

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