Island SAGA, H-RPG Arrives On Steam With Off-Site R18+ Patch

Island SAGA

Kamichichi and Remtairy have found the perfect balance to releasing anime-themed games on Steam without Valve’s “Taste Police” bearing down upon them, asking them about a license for fap-worthy content or throwing their game in Steam’s software jail. Their latest release, Island SAGA, managed to make its way onto the Steam store as an all-ages release, but all the spicy goodness you could want from the experience is also available for free as an R18+ patch that you can download right now.

The full game is over on the Steam store for $19.99, but during the first week of release you can nab the H-RPG for just $13.99 due to a 30% off discount.

Once you acquire the game you can then head to the official Remtairy website to download the R18+ patch.

The patch is free to acquire and the instructions for installing the patch is located right there on the website for easy installation.

You can check out some gameplay below courtesy of Heuster Heu.

As for the game itself, Island SAGA is an RPGMaker MV outing where you take on the role of a party of hotties who explore Valentine Island looking for a special treasure.

Along the way you’ll be able to battle, create combination attacks, learn different types of spells from six schools of magic, as well as crank up the difficulty if you’re finding that things are a little too… soft.

The base game is about 12 through 16 hours in terms of length, spread out across 50 different quests to complete. So there’s plenty of longevity to get out of stroking the fires of adventure. There’s also both keyboard and mouse support along with XInput support for those of you who prefer playing with your joystick.

If you pick up the game from Steam be sure to grab the R18+ patch along the way.