Korean SJW Gets A Tails Hoody Banned From Sega’s Online Shop

Sega Shop Banned

A South Korean Social Justice Warrior gathered a horde of offended Liberal Progressives to attack Sega for having a hoody on their store page featuring tails on the backdrop of the Japanese Imperial flag. After a day of dogpiling Sega to ban the hoody, the company bent the knee to the Social Justice Warriors and removed the hoody from their store.

It started with a tweet from Isa on May 21st, 2020.

The tweet complains about a hoody on the official Sega shop featuring tails and a transmuted version of the Japanese Imperial flag.

Centristsโ„ข will probably run to the defense of the user, claiming โ€œEven if Sega removes it from the shop, it’s not censorship!โ€

Well, that’s the very definition of censorship: to remove an object because it’s found to be objectionable.

Isa, in fact, makes it known that they wanted the hoody banned.

Yes, they openly said that Sega โ€œmust deleteโ€ the product.

After directing people to contact Sega in order to get the hoody removed, on May 22nd, 2020 Sega removed the hoody from the store page.

If you head to the Sega shop page where the hoody used to be, it’s now gone and you’ll get a 404 page error.

Isa then celebrated the removal of the hoody on Twitter with several follow-up tweets.

Some people attempted to claim that the hoody was simply sold out and that’s why it was no longer available, but Sega doesn’t remove sold out items from the shop, they simply list them as โ€œSold Outโ€, such as the Sega Saturn model kit.

Sega Shop - Saturn Model Kit

So basically this is yet another case of cancel culture canceling out a product that they didn’t like.

It’s not bad enough for them to simply not buy products they don’t like, they also have to make sure that you can’t buy the products they don’t like either.

(Thanks for the news tip Plake Filmmaker)

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