Lifeguard Simulator Announced For PC, Coming 2021

Lifeguard Simulator

Forestlight Games and PlayWay S.A., announced that there’s a brand new slice-of-life simulator in the works for PC gamers that manages to bring some of the best moments from the 1990s television show Baywatch to current gen gamers on PC called Lifeguard Simulator, sans David Hasselhoff.

The game is very similar to the other simulators that PlayWay have published or are planning on publishing this year, such as Noah’s Ark, Police Shootout, Ship Graveyard Simulator, or Autopsy Simulator, the last of which actually has people excited due to its combination of real life coroner procedures with movie-esque horror elements.

Well, Lifeguard Simulator may be bereft of any sort of horror elements, but you will still have to take daring risks to save the lives of others from certain peril, as exhibited in the debut trailer you can check out below.

You’ll have access to a variety of wonky-maneuvering vehicles, including a jet-ski, a quad-bike, and the ability to swim underwater or call for help using a helicopter.

It’s also pretty obvious this isn’t an American-made game because you have hot looking chicks with big boobs in tiny bikinis, something you won’t see in any Western-made AAA games or any American-made AA games for that matter.

You’ll have to write up tickets for beach goers breaking the law, help apply first-aid to those who have been injured, and attempt to rescue drowning victims before they perish beneath the blue canvas of the sea.

On top of all of this is a story about an organized criminal element. I don’t know exactly how that ties into being a lifeguard, but it will likely add some extra appeal and potential replay value to the game.

Lifeguard Simulator is a long ways off from release, scheduled to appear at some point in 2021 for PC, but you can still wishlist or follow the game over on the Steam store page.

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