Netflix Censors Back To The Future 2 Scene [Updated]

Back to the Future 2 Censored

[Update: 5/21/2020:] According to Clownfish TV, Netflix has restored the original version of the movie.

[Original article:] Netflix is all-in on promoting degeneracy to your kids, but they don’t want you seeing any images of sexy ladies in a magazine within a PG-13 film. They’ll encourage for your children to see homosexuality in kids’ cartoons by turning heroines like She-Ra into a lesbian or making the leader of Voltron gay, but they’ll go the extra mile to butcher classics in order to further stamp out heterosexuality. Netflix made their intent publicly known that they are actively promoting the gay agenda, yet Centrists™ will continue to proclaim that “there is no agenda!”. Netflix has even gone so far to censor films like Back To The Future 2, but Centrists™ will continue to insist that there is no skullduggery in our midst.

Justin Proper caught the edit by Netflix and uploaded the 24 second clip to Twitter on May 18th, 2020.

It’s true what he says, though.

What other films have Netflix censored to protect the gays from heterosexuality?

Anyway, Salty Nerd showcased what the original scene is supposed to look like, which you can check out below.

If you’re not sure about the context of the scene, Justin Proper did a complete breakdown of the scene and what’s supposed to happen versus what Netflix aired.

You can check out Justin’s video below.

So basically, Netflix is going back and editing older films, very similar to what Disney Plus did with some shows and movies, such as covering up Daryl Hannah’s beautiful bum in Splash.

The thing is, this won’t end.

Netflix isn’t going to stop here unless rights and license holders actively force them to sign a clause saying they can’t stream their content with any additional edits.

Given how woke Hollywood has become, I doubt many rights holders will fight back against Netflix’s insistence on doing their darndest to promote homosexuality while retroactively censoring harmless heterosexual cheesecake in a PG-13 movie!

That’s not to mention that Netflix is playing a dangerous game by promoting lifestyle choices that come with dire consequences.

Check the facts below:

But as I said, Centrists™ will defend Netflix’s censorship, likely even invoking the “think of the children!” mantra while simultaneously encouraging Netflix to air homosexuality in children’s media.

It amazes me how people still haven’t caught on to what Netflix is doing.

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