Netflix Openly Admits To Promoting The Gay Agenda


Netflix has been accused by normal people of having a gay agenda, especially after making the lead in Voltron gay, making Jesus gay, adding gays to kung-fu shows,  and forcing Alucard into gay anal sex in Castlevania. Anyone with common sense can see it but they’re oftentimes shouted down by SJWs and Leftists pretending to be moderates, oftentimes referred to as Centrists™. Well, to remove all doubt, Netflix simply came out and said that they absolutely do have a gay agenda, and it’s that every unnecessary gay character they shoe-horn into their shows is “necessary” according to their Liberal-Progressive standards.

Society Reviews did an article about a tweet that Netflix published on May 6th,2020, defending their decision to shove gays down the throats of normal people. The tweet was in response to a user who was sick and tired of being forced to consume the gay agenda every time they turned on Netflix.

If you look into the tweet, as Society Reviews pointed out, there are a bunch of corporate accounts on Twitter supporting the decision to promote the gay agenda and indoctrinate society with the idea that “being gay is okay”.

All these companies coming out of the woodwork to support Netflix lets you know exactly who is all about promoting the gay agenda, and forcing it up your rectum like a proctologist jamming his finger up your bum… without any petroleum jelly.

Just a few facts:

Why would you promote such a self-destructive lifestyle to everybody else out there when there are zero benefits to it?

If you ask a Centrist™ why such a tiny minority has to be forcibly inserted into media targeting mainstream society they’ll deflect with equivocation because there is no logical answer. The only answer is that it’s part of a broader agenda to disrupt Western culture, but Centrists™ can’t and won’t admit to that.

Instead, Centrists™ default to the fallacious claim “There’s nothing wrong with representation!”. As I’ve said before, represent all sexual fetishes across the spectrum equally if it’s about representation. Since gays are a fringe minority just like very other sexual fetish out there, every fetish should be represented equally.

You want to be gay? Great, be gay. But don’t foist your lifestyle choices on the rest of us.

Thankfully a few normal-thinking people did exercise these sentiments in the Twitter thread to shut down all the pro-propaganda being spread across Twitter’s degenerate landscape.

Of course, there was also a deluge of rainbow flag-waving sausage lickers with pronouns in their profiles cheering Netflix on and commenting how much they hate heterosexuals.

Obviously those same people wouldn’t exist if heterosexuals were the minority but logic was never a strong suit for Liberals, Leftists and Progressives.

As pointed out by Society Reviews, GLAAD already admitted that gays are over-represented in media, making up 10.2% of all on-screen media characters despite being less than 2% of the population.

But as reported before, GLAAD wants 25% of all on-screen characters to be represented by members of the Rainbow Reich by 2025.

I’m just having a good laugh at the fact that normies are starting to wake up to the agenda while Centrists™ run to protect the Backdoor-Bologna Bolsheviks.

Pretty soon, half of all on-screen characters will be gay and they will be force-feeding your kids the gay agenda in school, as reported by Education Week, and Centrists™ will still argue that “there is no gay agenda!”.

(Thanks for the news tip KotakuInAction 2)

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