Netflix’s She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power Turns She-Ra Into A Lesbian

She-Ra Netflix

I warned you all before, and now Netflix and Dreamworks went and did it: Yet another classic heroine turned gay. This time it’s Adora, better known as She-Ra. In the final season of the Netflix show, Catra and She-ra were turned into full blown lesbians and forced by the creators to profess their love for one another, as well as share an intimate kiss in order to save the universe. The She-Ra you loved and grew up with is no more. She’s dead and gone.

She-Ra Is Now Canonically A Lesbian

I knew it the moment they announced the show that they would probably turn She-Ra into a lesbian, just like Netflix turned the leader of Voltron into a homosexual, and made Alucard have steamy gay anal sex in Netflix’s third season of Castlevania.

In this case, the lesbian fan-fiction was brought to life by showrunner Noelle Stevenson in the much maligned (save among the Rainbow Reich) reboot of the classic 1980s kids show.

Netflix already admitted to pushing the gay agenda, and a bunch of mega-corporations joined in to support them, including Amazon. We’ve always warned you that they were coming for your kids. They want to inculcate your children with the gay agenda so that it’s easier for them to physically groom your younglings once the Bunghole Bolsheviks normalize MAPs and then legalize pedophilia.

Unfortunately a lot of people are idiots and Centrists dominate social media where they constantly claim that “there is no Left-wing agenda” and that “there is no propaganda” being peddled in mainstream brands, ads, television, streaming, video games, or cartoons.

Well, Netflix and Noelle Stevenson weren’t afraid to slap viewers in the face with the Cuckold Commisar’s schlong of degeneracy, and they did so brazenly.

You can see the scenes below courtesy of YouTuber apartwegrow.

Yes, they’re turning all the cartoon characters gay!

They can’t just stay in their own lane. They have to take established characters and force them to munch carpet; to pack fudge; to flap the flops or tingle the dingles.

This is yet another childhood heroine purposely ruined to push an agenda.

Centrists™ will retort “But there is no agenda!” and yet, Stevenson even admits to an agenda in an interview with the L.A. Times, something Centrists™ will have to conveniently ignore in order to maintain the facade of actually pretending to be moderate.

Stevenson told the L.A. Times…

“This is not going to be the norm forever, but right now there are two facets to representation. One of them is visibility and having it be incidental to the story. Like having Bow’s dads not be a big deal. That’s a very, very important version of representation. Seeing those characters exist and lead normal lives and be a normal part of this world.”


LGBTQIA+ relationships are anything but normal.

They are the very definition of abnormal, which means “departing from the normal”.

Gays and lesbians cannot procreate with one another. If they were “normal” and made up a majority of the population, the human race would cease to exist.

So you see, they are not normal. Far from it.

Worse yet is that they’re being forced into mainstream media while classic characters are being subverted across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum by Leftist meting out their agenda in order to force-feed the lifestyle into the public’s perception as “normal”.

What they won’t do is ever portray the realities of the homosexual lifestyle:

Instead they’ll continue to brainwash people into thinking that a tiny minority of people need to be over-represented in media, and they’ll continue to be over-represented because that’s GLAAD’s goal.

GLAAD wants 20% of all on-screen media characters to be gay by 2025.

She-Ra Lesbian

There will be more gays on television than Asians or Native Americans. How sick is that?

  • Even worse than that, they’re aiming a lot of this content at kids. Teaching kids that it’s “okay to be gay”.
  • They’re forcing kids to learn about LGBQTIA+ lifestyles in the classroom. Yes, kids are forced by a public school mandate to learn about degeneracy, as detailed in a May 3rd, 2019 report by Reuters.
  • A Jewish school was even threatened to have funding pulled if they didn’t add LGBTQIA+ curriculum to the itinerary, as reported by Pink News.
  • This is also being backed up by the United Nations – an organization known for raping kids – who have been pushing to teach toddlers how to masturbate, as reported by Fox News.

Centrists™ and SJWs don’t have an argument against these facts. They deflect with sophistry such as “it’s necessary for marginalized groups to be represented!” or “representation isn’t propaganda!” even though over-representation deliberately made to push a specific message using iconic comic book, cartoon, and childhood heroes is the very definition of propaganda.

That’s what it is; but you’ll be banned, silenced, suppressed, or deplatformed if you speak out against it.

This is the new normal, where media will continually push anti-white, anti-heterosexual messaging.

Normies will continue to ignore it, Centrists™ will continue to defend it, and SJWs will continue to push it just up until pedophilia gets legalized, and then some idiots will say “How come no one warned us about this?!”

(Thanks for the news tip The Embodiment of Madness)

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