Pixar Promotes Gay Agenda On Disney Plus With Short Film ‘Out’

Disney has been censoring all kinds of content on Disney Plus, including innocent depictions of cleavage, as well as classic films such as Splash. However, they don’t mind promoting the gay agenda to children, since heterosexuality is verboten in the eyes of Disney but gay sex isn’t.

Disney proudly promoted Pixar’s new short film called Out, which is about two gay men living together, one of whom have yet to inform their parents about being gay.

Entertainment Weekly did a synopsis of the short film, where one of the gay lovers has his body swapped with their pet dog by fairies and attempts to hide all of his gay lifestyle accouterments from his parents who come over to help him move. At the end of the story he eventually comes out to his parents and they promote a message of accepting people’s choice to become homosexual.

This is more degeneracy being foisted on kids while they censor heterosexuality.

What they won’t show, however, is that one or both partners are likely to carry a sexually transmitted disease, are heavily engaged in drug abuse, or will likely die of AIDS or suicide.

This isn’t an opinion it’s a fact:

The perceptive cultivation of our society related to homosexuality is ever-increasing, and they’re becoming more brazen and bold with foisting this kind of content onto children.

Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have also been aggressively promoting the gay agenda, along with Netflix.

Disney Plus is now in on the digs, too, constantly trying to convince your kids that it’s “okay to be gay”.

Remember, homosexuals are genetic dead-ends. The only way they can procreate is to socially indoctrinate.

Don’t forget the three ‘I’s when it comes to the Marxist agenda: Infiltrate, Inculcate, Indoctrinate.

Be aware, be alert, protect your kids.

(Thanks for the news tip Shadow Dancer)

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