Samurai Shodown’s Iroha DLC Goes Live May 13th For the Deadly Maid Waifu

Samurai Shodown Iroha

SNK Corporation released a new trailer for the sexy maid with blades, Iroha. The buxom waifu is set to arrive as a new playable DLC character in Samurai Shodown for home consoles starting May 13th.

The trailer reveals that the DLC will be available across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Sadly PC gamers won’t have access to Samurai Shodown until the summer and even sadder than that the game won’t arrive on Steam but will instead be a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

Anyway, you can check out the trailer below to see the freshly squeezed character in action.

It may only be 43 seconds long but it’s still just long enough to tantalize fans with the curvy thickness of the crane-turned-maid.

Decked out in a loin cloth with ample amounts of cleavage and side-boob on display, Iroha embraces the “beautiful yet deadly” charm of many of the female cast in SNK’s colorful yet bloody fighting title.

Her demure and feminine personality helps juxtapose her big, beautiful… blades.


It’s a shame that SNK decided to go the route of courting Epic instead of sticking with the tried and true method of releasing the game on Steam, but apparently the call of V-Bucks was too much for them to pass up.

I imagine once the game does arrive on Steam the mods for the female characters will be well worth it, assuming that most modders won’t have forgotten about the game and moved on to greener pastures by that point.

As mentioned, Iroha drops on May 13th. You can look for the game digitally and physically on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch right now, and to go live on PC this summer.