Scott Eastwood’s The Outpost Aims To Bring The American Spirit Back To Cinemas July 3rd

The Outpost

Hollywood is converged. There’s no questions, doubts, ifs, or buts about it. It’s a den of degeneracy oscillating a cesspit of pedophiles and homosexuals. Over the last decade Hollywood has been encroaching on our entertainment in a deliberate and obtrusive way with anti-American agitprop, pro-Communist sentiments, and lots of subversive propaganda. However, every once so often a film makes its way to theaters that reminds us that being straight, being white, being a male, and fighting for your country is a time honored tradition of America’s unbreakable foundation, and Scott Eastwood’s The Outpost appears to be one of those films.

Directed by Rod Lurie and co-starring Orlando Bloom and Caleb Landry Jones, the film retells the story of one of the biggest battles to take place during the Afghan war.

Screen Media and Millenium Media decided to put some production muscle behind Lurie’s picture to give it all the pomp and realism one could desire out of a war film based on a true story. The trailer sets itself up in a grand way, with awe-inspiring music, perfectly synched clips, and a two minute runtime that neither spoils the film nor overstays its welcome.

You can check it out below, courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

The trailer does well to avoid spoiling who lives and who dies, and instead focuses on Scott Eastwood’s character making a daring dash to supply the troops at the outpost with additional ammo and supplies while they’re being bombarded from all sides by a Taliban attack.

The worst of it is that the outpost is situated in an area that could best be described as tactical suicide.

It’s in the middle of a gorge surrounded by mountains where the enemies can very easily bear down upon them from all sides.

The Outpost looks like one of those films that attempts to faithfully convey what happened during the battle while also giving viewers some cinematic action scenes with plenty of explosions and gunfire to chew on.

Hopefully all the good parts weren’t on display in the trailer, and it would be nice if the film can manage to bridge the gap between a solid action movie and a proper depiction of war. However, based on the trailer it looks like the kind of cinematic experience that was made for real Americans, and those happen to be in short supply these days.

We’ll see if Scott Eastwood and the rest of the cast can pull it together come July 3rd, when The Outpost hits a theater near you (assuming you’re not in one of those forsaken states where they’re still on lockdown) and video on demand.

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