SJWs Dogpile Authors Who Refuse To Submit To #OwnVoices Sensitivity Readings


In the literary fiction community they’ve been attempting to gatekeep out anyone who doesn’t align to their politically correct, Cultural Marxist views. One way of getting authors to bow lock, step and sync with the narrative is to have them bring on POCkers and LGBTQIA+ people to do “sensitivity readings” to ensure that “marginalized” groups are fairly represented in fictional works. The Intersectional Inquisition have been using a #OwnVoices hashtag on social media to encourage sensitivity readings, and any authors who don’t kowtow to their demands are dogpiled.

It started when some minorities started using the tag to promote their work.

But it quickly escalated into the sort of extortion tag that the “Sensitivity Reader” initiative was based upon.

Obviously, most normal writers were not comfortable with having POCkers evaluate their work.

Novelist Den Card made his intentions known that he would never bend to such an authoritarian measure, and he was promptly met with ridicule and derision for not becoming a slave on the plantation of identity politics.

Typically, there were various Social Justice Warriors who flooded Card’s mentions to put him down for standing true and standing tall against their degenerate-fueled tyranny.

After various despots from the realm of fictional writing took aim at Den Card, he decided to stop, reflect, and respond on all of the nonsense that came howling down around his ears because he dared to choose to stand against the grain of being brainwashed into foregoing his original ideas so tyrants could dictate what sort of fiction he should be allowed to write.

Well said, lad. Well said.

Unfortunately, anyone even attempting to defend the concept of making great fiction and letting it stand on its own merits without “Sensitivity Readers” extorting authors to corrupt and degrade their work were also met with attacks from the pit-bulls out of the Liberal Progressive pen; pronouns in their profiles and all.

This is the future of media.

Novelists being subjected to ideological purity tests, or otherwise threatened with not-so-veiled attempts at blacklisting.

This was promptly called out back in January of 2019 by another author on Monster Hunter Nation who found the concept of “Sensitivity Reading” appalling, but it’s still finding its way through the circles of creativity and will continue to do so unobstructed.

In fact, I’m sure you can expect Centrists to justify this kind of bullying, even while the quality of fiction continues to slide wistfully down the gutter and into the trash.

(Thanks for the news tip Arcane City)

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