Story Of A Shopping Street, H-RPG Banned From Steam

Story of a Shopping Street

Valve continues to ban games from the Steam platform that the “Taste Police” don’t like. One of the latest game bans spotted by Steam’s Nukige Group is a 2016 H-RPG from Showa Museum of Disgrace called Story of a Shopping Street.

According to the SteamDB entry, the game had its app banned on May 22nd, 2020 after being submitted for initial review just days earlier on May 16th, 2020.

The app didn’t even make it past Valve’s first review process, which determines if a game can have a store page setup. If you visit the database entry it reads…

“This app has been deleted or is hidden to the public. SteamDB has seen data for this app before, so for historic purposes it has been kept visible on this page, and may be out of date.”

So why exactly was the game banned?

Well, there are a couple of very obvious reasons why. It’s alternate name is Mother Daughter Rape Mall ~Debt Repayment RPG~.

Given Valve’s history with the game Rape Day, it’s no surprise that one of the Taste Police likely saw the game’s alternate title and instantly hit the ban button.

However, unlike Rape Day, the game isn’t actually about rape per se, but rather more about two horny women going down the rabbit hole of the corruption fetish.

There’s a NSFW clip of the game to give you a slight hint as to what the gameplay is like.

It’s a typical RPG Maker-style game with visual novel interaction sequences between characters, and some animated sex sequences using CG imagery.

The story revolves around a sex starved mother whose husband is stationed overseas. She’s living with her daughter, and they soon fall on hard times, which results in them performing sexual favors, but it all eventually devolves into them engaging in prostitution, and then pornography, and eventually massive orgies.

That leads to the second and likely reason that Steam’s Taste Police banned the game: the daughter.

Even though the game states in the trailer that all the characters are over the age of 18, the daughter still wears a school-type uniform, and anything remotely school related will likely get your game nuked from Steam if it’s anime-style, contains visual novel elements, and is a dating sim or has any H-game content.

You can still purchase Story Of A Shopping Street for $18.41 from over on the DLSite store page.

But sadly this is yet another game added to the Steam Waifu Holocaust Banned Game List.

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