SubscribeStar Bans Richard Spencer And Radix Journal

Richard Spencer Banned

It was always a matter of time before SubscribeStar succumbed to pressure groups to put ideology ahead of freedom of speech. Nearly every new payment platform — with the exception of New Project 2 — seems to be putting the concerns of the politically correct ahead of the freedom of the people. What am I talking about? I’m talking about SubscribeStar banning Richard Spencer from the platform after Social Justice Warriors complained about him having an account on the platform.

The news was spotted by Communism_Kills, who screen-capped the gist of the story in a tweet.

The first screen comes from a Truthout article, which is basically a hit-piece against SubscribeStar for supporting what they called the “Alt-Right” , which is basically anyone who isn’t pro-Communist, pro-censorship, or pro-degenerate.

In the article, they explain…

“SubscribeStar seems intent on making itself the primary platform of those shuttered by other payment platforms, similar to the platform Gab’s relationship to Twitter, or BitChute’s clone of YouTube. While SubscribeStar has made a name for itself by promising not to interfere with creators’ content, there has been concern from some SubscribeStar users that they may end up responding to complaints from outside parties.

“Moreover, the platform hasn’t gone without pushback. PayPal stopped business in 2018 with SubscribeStar when the company touted far right figures like Milo Yiannopoulos and Sargon of Akkad as among its new clients. SubscribeStar said in a statement to Truthout that there is no longer a SubscribeStar account associated with Milo Yiannopoulos.”

After catching the attention of SubscribeStar and painting the company in a negative light, SubscribeStar responded by axing Spencer’s accounts and shuttering any affiliated accounts with Spencer, this included his main SubscribeStar account and the Radix Journal account.

If you attempt to visit his SubscribeStar account it will give you the following message.

In an update to the original Truthout piece, it’s explained that SubscribeStar contacted them and notified them that Spencer’s accounts had been terminated…

“On May 12, the day after this article was published, SubscribeStar announced that it has “suspended” the Radix Journal SubscribeStar account that Richard Spencer was trying to use for subscription donations. SubscribeStar said in a statement to Truthout that its screening team had initially “failed to discover any connection between the previously rejected account of Mr. Spencer” and the new Radix Journal account he was trying to establish more recently. The SubscribeStar statement also said that the company had “reviewed the content published by Radix on [its] website to the date and didn’t find anything that violates our Terms of Service.”

Essentially, people like Richard Spencer can’t even be funded by people who want to fund him, even when he isn’t violating the rules..

Worse yet, is that even associated networks or content facilitators such as Radix Journal are now off the table for receiving funding as well. So basically it’s deplatforming by association.

The YouTube channel barely boasts 1,300 subscribers as of the writing of this article, yet for Leftists even its existence is too much for them to bear.

In simple terms, Leftists don’t even want people voicing opinions in any capacity that they don’t agree with.

Centrists™ will defend this kind of censorship, claiming that “free speech doesn’t mean freedom of consequences”, which basically means they don’t support free speech at all but rather controlled speech. If you can’t say what you want without losing your livelihood then it’s not free speech at all.

Other Centrists™ will argue that people like Spencer deserve to be censored, and by proxy people who defend Spencer’s free speech (such as this site) deserve to be censored for simply defending someone’s right to free speech.

Many of them still won’t understand that they’re ushering in the authoritarian dystopia that compromises many nightmare scenarios featured in cyberpunk fiction of the future.

Basically, this confirms the fears many had when SubscribeStar came down on TurdFlingingMonkey. In that particular scenario some offended users sent complaints to SubscribeStar and SubscribeStar wanted TurdFlingingMonkey to address the complaints of people who were offended at some of the language he used in some Bitchute videos.

While the situation was eventually cleared up, it left a bad taste in the mouths of people who saw the writing on the wall: SubscribeStar was on the brink of being converged.

One look at their terms of service page and it reads like a lot of the typical Left-wing operated sites, especially if you scroll down to the “Prohibited Content” section, where it reads…

“[…] Any posts, comments, narrations, news or discussion materials that include – in any shape or form – hatred toward any social or ethnic group, calls for violence or oppression, racial or gender defamation, and/or targets a person or a group by disability, nationality (including citizenship), race, religion, sexual orientation, or skin color will not be published on our Platform. Such materials – upon discovery – will be removed from the Platform, and the profile/account will be suspended with possible future termination.

“Creating, promoting and supporting a Star profile/account for the sole purpose of portraying a single person, group or organization in a negative way, degrading their existent or imaginable values, and/or diminishing their presence, ideas, beliefs, appearance, expression and/or actions in any way is strictly forbidden on this platform.”

I’m sure some people may run to their defense and say “They’re only expunging the Alt-Right!” but with Milo gone, Richard Spencer suspended, and the Radix Journal banned, it’s only a matter of time before other politically incorrect pundits get targeted for using language someone interprets as “Alt Right adjacent” and manages to get deplatformed, too.

That’s not an “if” scenario, it’s a “when” scenario.

It starts with the so-called “Alt Right” and escalates to bans, suspensions and terminations from there. We’ve already seen it happen with Patreon, and it will happen with SubscribeStar… it’s become a technological inevitability in today’s censorship happy society.

(Thanks for the news tip durka durka)