Sugar Pop 2, Ultra Sexy Comic Nears $100,000 On Kickstarter

Sugar Pop 2

One of the sexiest new intellectual properties in the comic book space is obviously not coming from out of any of the major publishers such as DC or Marvel, both of whom have doubled-down on their degenerate Left-wing propaganda. No, one of the latest comics to ruffle feathers and rustle jimmies is Dan Mendoza’s Sugar Pop 2 from Still Ill Princess Studios.

The comic is chock full of big boobs, skimpy outfits, and sex-starved vixens who leave little to the imagination.

The story follows unicorn monster-girl Sugar and her love Henry as they attempt to escape from a war raging in a mutant-infested future.

Sugar is joined by her sister, Soda, as they battle across the wasteland while showcasing how effective their assets are during battle.

You can sneak a peek below with the preview page.

The second issue on Kickstarter has already garnered more than $95,000 while it winds down the crowdfunding campaign with just a week to go. Originally the campaign was only asking for $8,000.

It’s not hard to see how they blasted past their goal with under 650 backers. Some of the special backer rewards include a Barbarella special cover by Mendoza, while there’s a $40 special cover by David Harrigan featuring Sugar in a Slave Leia outfit.

Who doesn’t love the Slave Leia outfit other than beached land-whales, simps and crazy 41%’ers?

Anyway, Sugar Pop 2 is already pretty much a guaranteed success.

Given that the first issue managed to release to backers, Mendoza and the crew at Still Ill Princess will likely deliver the second issue without any major hiccups either.

You can look for Sugar Pop 2 to arrive by September, 2020. If you wanted to back the comic for any stretch goals or a guaranteed special cover, you can visit the Kickstarter page.

(Thanks for the news tip Mugen Tenshin)

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