The House In Fata Morgana Localizer’s Past Tweets Revel In Misandry

The House in Fata Morgana

Centrists have been arguing that a trans localizer changing “tsundere” to “fragile male ego” in MangaGamer’s 2016 Western release of Novectacle’s The House In Fata Morgana, was “appropriate” and “fitting”. Normal gamers, weebs, and actual translators have been noting that “tsundere” and “fragile male ego” are leagues apart and do not mean the same thing in the slightest. Well, Centrists have been proven wrong (again) because it’s been revealed that the MangaGamer’s tweet history is steeped in misandry, thus further proving that their localization of Japanese visual novels was ideologically compromised.

Sankaku Complex did a deep dive into Yukino’s Twitter history to reveal that the change in The House In Fata Morgana’s Western text wasn’t an isolated incident, but rather spawned from an ideological agenda established well beforehand.

The tweets are still available as of the writing of this article, which you can check out below.

A couple of things:

1 – Normal people don’t use terms like “gender non-conformity”. It’s a phrase devised by culturally subversive Marxists. Anyone who denies usage of the term or defends its use is a Marxist. Remember that.

2 – Centrists™ will attempt to deflect Yukino’s tweets as “just jokes”. Regardless, the personal viewpoints of this localizer, jokes or not, influenced the translation of a Japanese work of fiction to reflect their Marxist views. Don’t let Centrists try to obfuscate the matter with the “just jokes” argument. The crux of the matter is that this person’s sociopolitical viewpoints reshaped a work of fiction that neither belonged to them nor was theirs to distort for ideological reasons. Stay the course.

3 – MangaGamer has already tried to deflect any criticism as “harassment”. Yukino and other Social Justice Warriors will attempt to do the same any time localization under the MangaGamer banner is criticized. Centrists™ will attempt to equivocate by claiming that people criticizing the game/translation are “taking it too far” to shut down any pushback against the ideological infestation of Japanese visual novels. Do not let them obfuscate argument, nor allow them to deflect with claims of “harassment”. That’s how things became as bad as they are in Western gaming by allowing the infiltrators to not only shape the terms of the argument but also the conditions in which arguments could be made. Do not let them; you have already opened the door for defeat once you do so.

Based on the tweets it sounds like Yukino was likely sexually molested or raped as a child by a man and became confused by the experience. All the tweets negatively aimed at men seem to read that way, and it fits in line with studies showing that many who align along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum have suffered from some kind of childhood molestation or sexual abuse, as detailed in a report on The Stream and Plus One.

Unfortunately many of the victims of said abuse are having their lives reshaped by propaganda peddled across mainstream and enthusiast media, as well as Big Tech, convincing them of something that isn’t true. This not only further disrupts societal norms but it’s also weeding its way into enthusiast media; our entertainment culture.

Sadly, this will only get worse as Big Tech continues to promote lies and anti-science such as “there are more than two genders” or “men can be women”. Impressionable young people suffering from childhood traumas buy into these lies and completely destroy their lives because of them.

Some people only recognize the dangers too late, as discussed in a documentary “I Want My Sex Back”, as featured on Liberum Arbitrium’s BitChute channel.

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