The Last Days Of American Crime’s Trailer Avoids The Usual Netflix Pozz

The Last Days Of American Crime

Netflix is a parlor of Left-wing agitprop and a conduit for the Liberal Progressive agenda to funnel its way into the consciousness of mainstream consumers. This is not an opinion, it’s a fact. In fact, Netflix admitted to what we already know by tweeting about their unequivocal support of the gay agenda. It doesn’t get anymore clear than that.

However, you cannot sustain a business based on trying to brainwash the masses with degeneracy and media content that the average person finds sickening and distasteful. Hence, this is why every once in a while Netflix will put out a movie (or two) aimed at the mainstream demographic: straight, white males.

Yes, the same demographic that they hate with every fiber of their being.

You can tell which movies are for Lefties and which movies are for normal people based on how much degeneracy is not present in the movie’s trailer, and The Last Days Of American Crime goes out of its way to make sure that there’s no pozz in sight.

You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

The biggest whiplash for this film – which is about a thief looking to get revenge for his brother – is how one of the main criminals is white. However, since he’s the mastermind behind their attempt to steal $30 million, it makes some sense. The main character looking to get revenge is Hispanic, which sort of fits in line with basic crime statistics.

It would have made more sense if all the crime and looting was represented in the film by the demographics who commit the most crimes in real-life. In fact, one group in particular – not shown as criminals in the trailer – only make up 13% of the population but commit 52% of the crime.

Beyond that, the movie looks like a fast-paced, action-oriented romp.

The relationships look proper, the action looks intense, and the story seems like it will be filled with plenty of double-crosses and backstabbings.

The Last Days of American Crime is set to debut on June 5th.

As always, though, keep in mind that Netflix is converged and financially supporting them is equal to supporting the destruction of America.

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