The Last of Us: Part 2 State Of Play Confirms Rumor About Crazy “Religious Zealots”

There are people out there that haven’t read or looked over The Last of Us: Part 2 leaks, and many of them claim that said leaks aren’t true. However, yet another leak has been confirmed through the most recent State of Play episode in that the Seraphites (or Seraphim or the SCAR) are a bunch of crazy “religious zealots” looking to cleanse the land.

We’ve reported on the Seraphites before but through a leak/rumor. The group supposedly promotes “homophobic and Christian-like rules” to cleanse post-apocalyptic America.

As of today, Sony and Naughty Dog have released The Last of Us: Part 2 State of Play episode. While airing to the public, the 25-minute long show touched on gameplay, cut-scenes, and other things related to the sequel’s story, which includes the Seraphites’ rituals.

According to Neil Druckmann, the guy that stands as Naughty Dog’s vice president and the creative director over The Last of Us: Part 2, he notes in the following State of Play episode that the Seraphites are extreme “zealots.” They also happen to self inflict cuts on their faces to show how “deeply tribalistic” they are.

The territorial group will capture sinners or people that may have trespassed and will use tactics such as “wing clipping” (or arm breaking) and disembowelment to send a message to those outside of the group.

Furthermore, the Seraphites and the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) do not get along and are two warring factions. Unlike the latter, the former group relies on sneaking through the grass and using the bow and arrow. However, the two groups will have a presence in the game as they attempt to kill Ellie as she seeks to get revenge for the attack on Jackson.

You can check out the latest State of Play video right here:

And lastly, the PS4 exclusive best known as The Last of Us: Part 2 will release on June 19th, 2020.

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