The New Normal: The End of an Era of Social Justice Tyranny

Doubting the validity of the official narrative surrounding Covid-19 was met with complete ridicule when I was one of the few casting doubt on the official narrative. Now the experts in the United States and United Kingdom have admitted their models were entirely wrong. Compounding the issue of negligence on the part of officials failing even to check the methodology of these models is the rising issue that the lockdowns increased rather than decreased the number of people who died.

An issue Tucker Carlson brought up in April, but has since been confirmed in a study from JP Morgan. A study who’s author states governments were spooked by “flawed scientific papers.”

‘Unlike rigorous testing of new drugs, lockdowns were administered with little consideration that they might not only cause economic devastation but potentially more deaths than Covid-19 itself.”

In the majority of data points, ending the lockdowns has lowered infection rates, but what of the outlier states? Simple and surprising answer is the CDC is incompetent. As the Atlantic reports:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conflating the results of two different types of coronavirus tests, distorting several important metrics and providing the country with an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic. We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus. “

Leaving us with the painful reality that the lockdowns based on bogus academic models have resulted not only in the greatest economic impact to the west in over 300 years, but whose implementation killed more than would have otherwise died. The media who peddled the fear porn has taken to informing you how you live in a new normal. One that will never be undone and you might as well just accept. They are right. Not for the reasons they think though.

There will be a new normal, make no mistake about it. If the police and politicians think come November, there isn’t going to be a reckoning from the voters they are delusional. The comic industry is unlikely to recover after numerous comic shops went under during the lockdowns. Yet the most significant impact will be on how we organize ourselves as a species and how we work.

Merely to stay in business, many companies in lockdown states opted into the work at home model of employment. Allowing a vast chunk of the US workforce to switch from having to work in an office space to being able to carry out their jobs from home. A decision that has had a devastating impact on major leftist strongholds of New York City and San Fransico.

Were work at from home to become a common practice, two-thirds of those surveyed in the tech field reported they would leave San Francisco. 69.5% said they would leave Seattle, and 62.3% reported they would leave New York City. This would have and is having an impact on real-estate and taxation, but the media continues to overlook the most critical aspect of a work from home environment.

It makes it nigh impossible to police your workers’ thoughts and politics. No longer can office busybodies carry out ideological purges of those who they deem guilty of wrong think. All a potential employee has to do is hide their political dispositions during interviews. Then afterward, they will rarely, if ever, have to interact with their coworkers or boss in person directly. Workplaces will see a shift towards meritocratic, even if unintentionally. Employee performance will no longer involve looking busy; a worker’s performance will be based around their capacity to complete tasks. Social Justice Warriors will find it increasingly difficult to ride the coattails of the team’s effort or shift their workload off onto other employees without creating a digital paper trail that can be used to prove they are not working.

Worse for the left is there is no stopping this from happening. Reductionist corporations are not going to continue to operate out of massive buildings, paying tens of thousands to millions of dollars yearly in taxes and maintenance when they can occupy a small office space and server farm. Topping it off workplace harassment goes to zero because employees are no longer meeting in person. False accusations and lawsuits will significantly diminish, so companies, aside from security concerns have everything to gain from shifting from the traditional office space environment.

That’s not hyperbole either. It’s already happening in New York City.

“In April, NYC and the state collected just $78.5million in tax revenue on the sale of commercial and residential properties, down from $217.5million in March. “

Soon to cripple leftist strongholds is the migration of affluent and working-class citizens from major cities following the lockdowns put and kept in place by Democratic mayors and governors. New York City saw its most affluent areas lose up to 40+% of their residents. With a projected total of 420,000 people leaving the city during the lockdown.

As the populations of major cities disperse, they inevitably dilute the democrat voting capacity. Some areas will flip blue without a doubt. Still, the major strongholds will see their representative counts diminish. Allowing the more conservative outlying regions to see their influence in the democratic process increase.

The left has yet to realize just what their scheme has cost them, but in time they will. Microsoft, Bungie, Nintendo, and Sony to name a few, have all began work from home programs. Work from home overall is an uptick across all applicable industries.

It is unfortunate that this new normal had to see the light of day after thousands of elderly were killed by states intentionally sending infected to retirement communities and facility despite pleas and protests from the facilities. Adding to the death toll is the indirect loss of 72,000 people who committed suicide as a result of the economic grief brought on by the lockdowns. There is no longer a way to turn back the clock to undo the political and economic revelations western society has learned. The new normal is coming and it is not looking bad for the average person.

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