Next Battlefield Will Be The Best Of DICE, Says Former Fortnite Dev

We haven’t seen the best of DICE just yet, according to the company’s newly promoted Roger Collum — who now serves as head of studio development at DICE Stockholm. The former Fortnite lead producer also touches on how DICE needs a new senior development director for the next-gen Battlefield game.

In case you have no idea what Collum has done in the past, he has played a big role in Fortnite’s life cycle, spending well over 13 years and seven months doing the following at Epic Games:

  • Lead Producer on Fortnite Save the World, managing the strategic and tactical direction for the entire team in partnership with the Lead Designer. We work at a breakneck pace to provide compelling content to our audience week over week. This requires flexibility and judgment to produce at speed and quality while also supporting work life balance for the team.
  • Work with Publishing and Marketing to develop marketing plans, public communications, and community engagement.
  • Work with the Exec team to identify and analyze KPIs to plan strategic direction period over period.
  • Work with key Exec, Publishing, Battle Royale and Creative stakeholders to develop and maintain brand integrity
  • Responsible for negotiating large outsource contracts and managing healthy, functional outsource relationships
  • Have represented the team and studio in foreign and domestic press such as Game Informer, Rock Paper Shotgun, etc.
  • Extensive work with casting of voice talent and working with external union studios, directors, and talent.

As of now, Collum has been working at DICE (Stockholm) for four months now, and to bolster the company that he’s working for, he agreed to do an interview with DICE.

The interview touches on all sorts of things, but the most important tidbits surround talk of DICE gearing up to be at its best and how there’s a senior development director position up for the next Battlefield game.

Firstly, here’s Collum talking about gamers and fans not seeing the best of DICE just yet:

“I believe that the best of DICE is yet to come. DICE is a world class studio with a world class reputation of making the highest quality immersive experiences gamers have ever seen.”

Secondly, the new job listing calls for the person in question to have six or more “years of experience working in a AAA game development” while being knowledgeable or experienced in “Live Services.”

Moreover, during EA’s latest Q4 earnings call, we learn that the next Battlefield is on track when it comes to development. EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson notes that even though devs at DICE are working from home, the development of the forthcoming Battlefield game is shaping up “very, very well.”

Many fans are still burned by Battlefield V due to its myriad of problems, but it looks like DICE is still in the race to win fans over since we haven’t seen the “best of DICE just yet” as per Collum.

In the meantime, the next Battlefield game will release sometime in 2021 for next-gen systems like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.