Trials of Mana Outsells Final Fantasy 7 Remake In Japan As Sales Remain Flat in UK

[Editor’s Note:] For clarification, Final Fantasy VII Remake has moved a total of 3.5 million units, according to TweakTown, and more than 700,000 units in Japan, as reported by Twinfinite. The information below relates to a comparison of a single week of sales between Final Fantasy VII Remake and Trials of Mana.

[Original article:] In the distant future, there may come a day when the video game industry learns to stop attempting to sell new games with old names they have nothing to do with. After shipped numbers for Final Fantasy 7 failed to half the sales of Final Fantasy 15, Square Enix appears to have at the very least realized mistakes were made with Final Fantasy 7’s remake. As the company attempts to backpedal their rhetoric on chasing a newer audience with promises of sticking true to the original’s story in future now smaller expansions, sales continue to remain relatively flat.

It must be all the more painful for Square Enix when the remaster of Trials of Mana released to outsell the remake of Final Fantasy 7. After all Final Fantasy has a larger audience and carries vastly more brand recognition than the Trials of Mana series. Yet according to sales charts picked up by Sankaku complex, both the PS4 and Switch versions of the game have outperformed the FF7 Remake.

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons [NSW] 283,000

2. Trials of Mana [PS4] 80,000

3. Trials of Mana [NSW] 70,000

4. Final Fantasy VII Remake [PS4] 65,000

5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [NSW] 15,000

6. Ring Fit Adventure [NSW] 12,000

7. The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki [PS4] 10,000

8. Super Smash Bros. Special [NSW] 9600

9. Super Mario Party [NSW] 9300

10. Predator: Hunting Grounds [PS4] 9100

Over in the United Kingdoms matters have not improved since last week. FF7 Remake continues to cling to its 8th place seat, but that means for a second week much older titles have managed to outperform it.

1 FIFA 20

2 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

4 Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

5 Grand Theft Auto 5

6 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

7 Luigi’s Mansion 3

8 Final Fantasy 7: Remake

9 Red Dead Redemption 2

10 Forza Horizon 4

Lacking any significant competition for the next two weeks, Final Fantasy 7 remake will likely continue to hold onto its 8th place position on the sales charts. That the latest entry in the once-popular series manages to cling to the top ten not from merit, but circumstances. Is a strong indication of how far the series has fallen in popularity.