Twitch Implements New Trust and Safety Council That Immediately Goes Full Racist and Sexist

Silicon Valley is undeniable a cesspool of regressive anti-consumerism sprinkled with a heaping helping of overt racism and sexism. Nothing codifies that image more perfectly than Twitch. The poor man’s Only Fans has consistently grabbed headlines for discrimination, exploitation, poor moderation, and just being woke as humanly possible. Then the company acts surprise when Microsoft, who at this point has mastered the art of “at least I’m not them,” poached a slew of their top talent.

Twitch attempted to downplay the impact the loss of several prominent streamers had on the performance of their platform, as reported by ItsAGundam. Until it became undeniable as reports showed Twitch experienced a 9.8% decline in hours streamed from Q3 to Q4 2019.

Twitch has a plan to stanch the declining viewership and to expand its community once again. Failing to understand the Total Addressable Market has been or is likely to be reached in the streaming marketing. Rather than address or tackle any of the concerns that have fueled a decline in both viewership and talent retention, Twitch has opted to create their own Trust and Safety Council to keep their community safe and healthy.

In reality, what Twitch wants is a scapegoat that corporate can point to rather than having attention levied at them. Insulating executives from consequences from Amazon as a result of poor administrative practices, moderation implementation, and doubled standard policies.

“Officially,” this new panel of individuals will be responsible for drafting moderation proposals and ensuring the rules are enforced equally across the site. Their official duties are as follows.

The Safety Advisory Council will inform and guide decisions made at Twitch by contributing their experience, expertise, and belief in Twitch’s mission of empowering communities to create together. The Council will advise on a number of topics including:

-Drafting new policies and policy updates

-Developing products and features to improve safety and moderation

-Promoting healthy streaming and work-life balance habits

-Protecting the interests of marginalized groups

-Identifying emerging trends that could impact the Twitch experience

Commenting to Newsweek Kason P., one of the members of the council confirmed its existence is a public relations stunt to address Twitch’s ongoing image problem.

“Twitch expects its users to uphold standards and practices, and as users on the platform, we expect the same from Twitch as well. The guidelines put in place mean nothing if the rules are not enforced. In turn, when the rules are enforced it should be clear and concise, not sporadic and selective.”

Problems with that statement arose almost immediately when transgender activist and council member Steph Loehr went described plans to implement blatantly sexist and racist policies. Policies aimed at addressing imagined disparities between everyone else and white males. You know its oddly funny that the left says Nazism was wrong, but at every step claims white males are so superior to everyone else.

(I need to warn you, this is some straight-up military-grade cringe)

Addressing the backlash from being an outright bigot, Loehr immediately began portraying those that were against her sexist and racist policies are harassers.

“I am getting harassed because I represent a lot of things people hate about diversity and acceptance. I am different, and Twitch has platformed me. People believe me to be mentally ill for being different. People believe I am a threat to their video game mechanics. People also don’t like me for my pride, and they don’t like that they have so little power over me.”

He’s not wrong. He represents the interjection of intersectionality and the hijacking of entertainment platforms to be used as political soapboxes by horrible people. People who will silence others for disagreeing with them by utilizing a marginalized group as a blunt instrument to push policy, political, and cultural changes. Never mind it is near-universally the left that impoverished or marginalized said community in the first place.

Twitch naturally agreed their customers and audience were bigoted harassers that were targeting one of their appointees.

“It is unfortunate to see a member of the advisory council targeted for harassment. The safety of our council members is our top priority and we’ve taken preventative measures to help ensure their safety and well-being. We are in close communication with each of the members and are working diligently to provide them with whatever support they may need.”

Rather than merely laughing at Twitch’s continued assassination of their own public image, there is a simple solution to these problems. No, not the Pinochet model, but straight out of Rules for Radicals. Rather than attempt to paint Twitch or Amazon as blatantly sexist and racist, you put the attribution of these actions and behaviors onto Jeff Bezos. If he is financing it, he is endorsing it.

Oligarchs are near-universally obsessed with their public image. From it, they derive power through public legitimacy. They don’t want you to realize that most of them were either born into money or raised into money through proper (or improper) connections. That they are no more special than you are. On the personal side, they just want to believe they are better than everyone else, and it destroys their ego when they are publicly hated and chastised for their actions.

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