Twitter Implements New Spoiler Feature To Help Instances Like The Last Of Us: Part 2

The Last of Us: Part 2 leaks have caused Sony to close comments on any official video about the game — which at times also includes turning off-the like/dislike ratio. Muso (a company related to Sony and Naughty Dog) has gone on a striking spree that covers memes and anything concerning the game’s leaks, while people connected to Naughty Dog like Neil Druckmann and Troy Baker are using Instagram to bash critics. As of recent, Twitter is working with Sony, Muso, and Naughty Dog in that the company has implemented a new spoiler feature to the microblogging and social networking service to hide any potential leaks.

Publication site reported on a new Twitter feature that enables account holders to block “potential spoilers.” And as of now, Naughty Dog is using said feature for The Last of Us: Part 2.

If you don’t know, the spoiler feature is something that Twitter announced earlier in 2020 and released on May 21st. This feature allows Twitter users to limit replies to a tweet.

In addition to the above, it’s worth noting that this feature is limited to certain people, meaning that availability is restricted right now — except for blue checkmark people like Jason Schreier.

And speaking of blue checkmarks, the publication site highlights Naughty Dog as being one of the select users having access to said feature:

Two tweets have been made so far using the new feature for The Last of Us: Part 2. This means the tweets’ replies are limited to only those mentioned in the tweet, and since no one was mentioned, there are no replies.

Expect this feature to spread and evolve in an attempt to protect current-year propaganda from people fed up with the ever-growing agenda — much like the case in question.

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