United Nations Engages in Speech Policing

Ah, the United Nations. That vestige that arose from the ashes of the league of nations and has been a socialist bastion ever since its founding. What has the impotent organization pursued now? It surely isn’t the pedophiles that fill its ranks. Were it that the screeching would never cease. No, this time it is coming for your language usage.


For you, the shapeless clay, without motivate or desire (yes, that’s what socialists believe) simply don’t understand you’re terminology is problematic. That the wise socialist is there to save you from yourself.

Were it not for the havoc and destruction the Left inflicts, they would be tragic characters in a Greek epic. Of course, what do these bold fighters for equality appear? Surely they are wise scholars, noble warriors, and the brightest minds of an entire generation. Who else would the United Nations employ? After all there are only so many pedophiles in the world.


Well, appearances aren’t everything, but when you have nothing else going on upstairs, you might want to work on them. For what reason have they now come for our language usage? To understand that we need to look towards Marxism itself.

Where I take objection to the study of Marxist thought — outside what is needed to rebut it — consists of its nature. For it is a rather dishonest intellectualism wherein the truthful intentions and mechanisms are discussed in secret. Leaving the reader with only a mountain of words that could alternatively be summed up in vastly shorter prose.

This is by no mistake, but again a further intent to manipulate. It is to create a concept that is bigger than life. While at the same time vital to the structure and function of society. In doing so average person, possessing no interest in political discourse beyond what fits within the scope of his interest. Looking at these vast concepts, greater and more complex than the average person would even want to consider, creates a deification of those espousing it.

Yet in that study, you can learn the motivations, techniques, and capacities. Rules for Radicals illustrated how the control of definitions, the shifting of language is a vital tool in conflict. Lenin in an article that could and should have if he was intellectually honest, been summed up in a few paragraphs, illustrated this further.

“What has changed in the Russian language in this period? The Russian vocabulary has in this period been greatly replenished; a large number of obsolete words have dropped out of the vocabulary; the meaning of a great many words has changed; the grammatical system of the language has improved.”

“Language, on the contrary, is connected with man’s productive activity directly, and not only with man’s productive activity, but with all his other activity in all his spheres of work, from production to the base, and from the base to the superstructure. For this reason language reflects changes in production immediately and directly, without waiting for changes in the base. For this reason the sphere of action of language, which embraces all fields of man’s activity, is far broader and more comprehensive than the sphere of action of the superstructure. More, it is practically unlimited.”

Really though, it all boils down to manipulating and shaping the clay they view society as. To the socialist, people are objects. Consciousness is not a product of the soul or some quantum effect, but a result of one’s environment. Adjust then the environment, and you shape the people. Thus while they make a fool of themselves, while we laugh at them as we rightfully should, we miss the attributes of the action taken upon us.

Were it physically manifested, it would be the equivalent of a physical war attacking the factors or bombing supply lines. Even the fool, aka the centralist, would understand what is transpiring before their eyes then. Yet because it looks so impotent, so ridiculous, it will be ignored. Even as it unveils the character and motivations of those in power. For all the convolution, when boiled down to its base element, it is nothing more than a desire for power and control over people. An excellent reason for defunding the UN. As apparently the pedophiles weren’t enough.

(Thanks for the tip Victor Walker, ThyBonesConumed, and Euphoric Atheist)

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