Chris Avellone Canceled Over “Regret Rape” Accusation

Due Process is a cornerstone of our legal system. Along with innocent until proven guilty, it allows society to arbitrate justice in a manner that ideally gets it right more often than it does not, adequately. During this process, the evidence is presented, weighed, and its evaluations are used to determine if someone is guilty of the accusation brought against them. That is unless you are a man accused of a sexual offense. Then in the era of #MeToo, you are guilty until proven innocent, and Due Process is sexist.

In late June, Chris Avellone found himself on the receiving end of a “regret-rape” accusation from Vampire The Masquerade 2’s narrative designer Karissa whom he had a brief working relationship with. According to her story, they were both drunk, and he made “non-consensual” advances towards her. Now immediately her claim that she was blackout drunk, yet can remember details and her state of mind, should have been the first indicator this was another bogus accusation. That there is no police report, nor was it reported when it happened, should have given the industry enough reason to act sensibly.

The accusation continued to assert that Avellone likes to pick up women from bars. Certainly, some feminists object to this behavior, and in the current political climate, it is risky due to affirmative consent laws, but it is not outright illegal.

That is the sum total of the accusation against him. The rest mostly boils down to “I can’t even” ramblings on how offended they are that he is allowed to pick up women at a bar and make out with women when they’re drunk and come on to him. When he is also drunk, making the woman the sexual aggressor in many of the instances. Further, she stated she was shocked at how the industry hadn’t canceled him for his behavior.

Well, now she has gotten her wish as all companies with a working relationship with Avellone are terminating their contracts with him. Techland announced they were ending their partnership with Avellone earlier via Twitter.

Gato Studio Games announce they were also terminating their contract with Avellone, again via Twitter.

What arguably is the most painfully hypocritical issue with Avellone’s cancellation is in the months prior, the entire industry was ablaze with affirmations for #BlackLivesMatter and denouncements of violations of individuals Due Process at the hands of police who follow the political law put in place by politicians. After the entire game community was subjected to messages throughout the E3 substitute conventions against this very behavior, that the industry would now go about doing precisely what they denounced is sickening.

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