Dr. Disrespect Claims He Doesn’t Know Why He Was Banned As Cheating Allegations Surface

Yesterday via a Tweet, Dr. Disrespect confirmed to his audience that like them, he had no idea why he was banned from Twitch. As Dr. Disrespect is one of Twitch’s top streamers and one of their most marketable personalities, this entire affair of silence regarding his ban is suspicious to say the least. Suspicion has lead to rampant speculation from everything from a sexual misconduct accusation to Twitch being Twitch.


As it is not confirmed, what you are about to read is purely rumor and speculation. A potential first insight into the nature of the ban may have been divulged via a now-deleted Reddit comment.

The comment reads:

Twitch HR staff member here.

Can’t post anything linking to my work or I’ll be fired.

Guy was perma banned and his contracts are being cancelled and reworked as we speak by our Lawyers.

This was due to his past Cheating statements made by him. What you don’t know know was that he cheated on his wife with a major female twitch streamer during twitchcon. We were aware of this prior to his announcement of said Cheating by female twitch streamer and have been quietly protecting that streamer to keep her happy as Guy has made our CFO and Amazon very very happy.

She recently contracted our office to say she wanted a better deal than what we provided and we refused, opting to remove Guy before she made her proof known.

We expect the female streamer to make a large public statement on social media very soon while Guy has his Lawyers keep in contract with us during all of this.

Unfortunately, the comment was neither archived nor was Removeddit able to capture the comment before it was removed. Fortunately, in other deleted comments that were captured, references to coverage enabled the confirmation of the post’s authenticity.

What the cheating allegations refer to is the 2017 incident where one of Dr. Disrespect’s top moderators and friend OHMEGA became intoxicated during a stream. Where he proceeded to talk about how Dr. Disrespect had cheated on his wife with four separate women. OHMEGA went on to apologize for what transpired during the stream before removing it and stepping down as a moderator on Dr. Disrespect’s channel. That was not the end of the incident.

Later Keemstar would allege one of the girls he had an affair with was Craysounds. Who went on to deny the allegations on Twitter calling them part of a witch hunt.


Rather than deny and attempt to bury the accusations, Dr. Disrespect a few days later owned up to the allegations in an apology stream for his supporters. Where he announced, he would be spending the remainder of December and January mending his relationships with his family. On February 5th, 2018, Dr. Disrespect returned to Twitch, and his relationship with his family appeared to be in far better condition. Though it is also likely his wife fully knew about the affairs, and they had already long worked it out between the two of them.

Now what you are probably wondering is how this would be severe enough to get Dr. Disrespect canceled over two years later? While this is pure speculation, the likely answer is the female streamer is going to levy a false sexual assault or rape allegation at Dr. Disrespect and allege Twitch helped cover it up. She will not do this via the police, but straight through social media.

That is about the only thing that could get Amazon to sever their ties with Dr. Disrespect. Whether or not it is true, we’ll likely discover soon enough.

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