Dr. Disrespect Permanently Banned from Twitch

News has broken that partnered Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect has been permanently banned from the platform. Most information currently circulating on the incident does not originate from either Twitch or Dr. Disrespect, but from independent sources with insider sources of their own. Aside from his ban being confirmed by Twitch, no other detail at this time can be verified. Given this suspension was delivered on a Friday, it is likely for either severe or vindictive reasons on the part of Twitch.

The primary source for the permanency of the ban is professional Esports consultant Rod “Slasher” Breslau. Who verified this is unrelated to the music Dr. Disprespect plays during his streams.



Hours later, Slasher would post the following message indicating he knows what the reasons are, but feels uncomfortable discussing them as they are a delicate matter.


As for this writing, all Twitch has said on the matter is a pre-canned statement regarding how they take terms of services and community guidelines seriously. Unless, of course, you are a female Twitch streamer. At which point, you will have to give yourself suspensions for violating their terms of services as Twitch will not.

“As is our process, we take appropriate action when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. These apply to all streamers regardless of status or prominence in the community.”

If you are hoping for a definitive and detailed reason for why Dr. Disrespect had his contract terminated and was banned from the platform; don’t get your hopes up. A source with insider knowledge claims Twitch has no intention of providing a definitive statement on the matter.


Their unwillingness to provide a specific reason for Dr. Disrespect’s termination could be an indication Twitch believes their case to be lacking. According to ESPN, Twitch is cracking down on “misogyny, hate speech and other forms of misconduct” following a #MeToo social media wave against popular streamers on the platform.

Currently, there is no word if Twitch’s new advisory council played a role in the incident. Previously the advisory group has taken hard-line anti gamer stances, along with condemnation against the type of “toxic male” humor Dr. Disrespect is known for. That Dr. Disrespect is a white male, and the advisory group has stated white males need to be afraid of it gives pause for concern regarding their involvement. Still, no confirmation one way or the other is available, so any suspicions of their participation are merely speculatory at this juncture.

At this juncture, whatever the answer to all these questions is, it will probably be something incredibly face-palmingly stupid and result in a lawsuit by Dr. Disrespect.