Funimation Licenses Super HxEros, But Don’t Be Shocked If They Cancel It

Hentai Heroes

Funimation hates anime fans who are straight males, especially straight white males. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. They purchased the license to exclusively air Interspecies Reviewers in the West, but then cancelled the show on their own streaming service, and forced other sub-licensees to ditch the show as well, including Amazon Prime. They also issued copyright claims against users who were sharing clips and compilations on Pornhub. Well, now Funimation is boasting about having picked up the exclusive license for Super HxEros, also known as Dokyuu Hentai HxEos, and most fans already know what’s in store for the ecchi series.

The tweet about Funimation’s acquisition was made on June 26th, 2020.

The show will also part of the Aniplex streaming network, but both Aniplex and Funimation are owned by Sony, who is in turn on the Traitors of America master list.

We also know that Sony has a hard-on of hate for straight, white males, and have been intent on ruining fan-service for nearly every Japanese-made game for the PlayStation 4, as evident with the PS4 censorship master list.

Given that Funimation picked up the Interspecies Reviewers license just to sit on it and make sure that anime fans wouldn’t be able to view it legally in the West, don’t be surprised if they pull a similar stunt with Super HxEros, especially given that the show is about sexy heroines, led by a high school student, who must use the erotic power of ecchi to stop libido-absorbing monsters from destroyingt he planet.

There are still some intelligent-deficient dullards in the comment section claiming that Funimation “didn’t know” what Interspecies Reviewers was like, and they made a mistake in licensing the show, but anyone who isn’t a low I.Q., sub-human would know that if Funimation wasn’t fond of the show’s content they could have dropped the license and let someone else stream it exclusively in the West. They didn’t.

Not only that, but they went out of their way to censor, block, and prevent others from streaming the show or even sharing clips of it online. That’s not someone who “doesn’t know” what the show is about, that’s someone acting out of spite.

Thankfully, there were a few people who exercised some common sense and called out Funimation and Aniplex for doing Interspecies Reviewers dirty.

The last tweet is in reference to the Funimation blog post, where they announce that the show will air censored…

“We’re excited to reveal that SUPER HXEROS is joining the Funimation summer 2020 anime lineup, exclusively, thanks to our amazing partners at Aniplex of America.

The version of the series provided by Aniplex of America for streaming will be the censored broadcast version.”

However, keep in mind that Interspecies Reviewers also aired censored on Funimation but that didn’t stop it from still being pulled.

Don’t be shocked if Funimation does something similar with Super HxEros, and then sits on the license to prevent others from streaming it as well.

(Thanks for the news tip Nemesis)