Graham Linehan Banned From Twitter For Saying “Men Aren’t Women”

Graham Linehan

Basic biological facts are now verboten on Twitter. Saying that “men aren’t women” is considered “transphobic” by the Big Tech overlords. Creator of The IT Crowd and Father Ted, Graham Linehan, is one such victim and his crime was literally saying that “men aren’t women”.

Yahoo! News is reporting that the tweet netted Linehan – using the @Glinner account – a permanent suspension from Twitter.

The author, playwright, and scriptwriter – despite his achievements – was no match for the long, censorious arm of Twitter’s Trust & Safety committee.

In the Yahoo! post, they briefly explain…

“Twitter’s decision to ban Linehan came after he reportedly tweeted “men aren’t women tho” in response to a Pride post by the Women’s Institute in support of its transgender members. Twitter says it permanently suspended Linehan’s account, @glinner, for ‘repeated violations of our rules against hateful conduct and platform manipulation.’”

This isn’t the first time that Twitter has suspended someone for posting basic facts.

They also suspended feminist and journalist Meghan Murphy for making the simple tweet that read “Men aren’t women”, as reported by The Hill.

The reason Twitter is banning people for pointing out that men aren’t women and women aren’t men, is because Twitter is part of the Big Tech push to force transgenderism as the norm in Western society.

Anyone who makes any kind of opposing stance to their efforts is met with censorship or deplatforming.

Basically, if no one with a large enough audience is allowed a large enough platform to oppose their agenda, then it creates the illusion that the agenda is being promoted unopposed.

We’re at a point now where they want to make sure that their message is heard loud and clear, and that means that people such as Linehan – who stand in opposition to the LGBTQIA+ agenda (or at least the transgender portion of the alphabet soup) – can no longer have a public square podium in which he can speak truth to power.

This doesn’t make Linehan a good guy, it just means he’s right about men not being women. Unfortunately, this simple truth is now being repackaged for the public by Big Tech as a lie.

We’ve tried warning people that it would get to this point, and it won’t stop here. They’re already coming for your kids, but the next step is to legalize it.

(Thanks for the news tip Shadow Dancer)

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