Harvest Moon One World Getting Brigaded By SJW Story of Season Fans

With Story of Season’s interjecting identity politics into the remake Friends of Mineral Town, Harvest Moon One World’s May announcement was a relief. At the very least, it was hoped our escapism was going to remain an escape, not another vessel for the localization teams’ political ideology that changes based on the current order of the progressive stack that day.

Yet at the time, Natsume was silent on the details of the game other than a few tidbits of players exploring multiple environments and towns. Along with a description that could be interpreted in a multitude of ways, gamers were forced to wait for further information about the game.

Yesterday a new trailer dropped during New Game Expo and saw re-uploads ratioed hard.

At first, I was perplexed by what was happening. Cursing my luck. I presumed there was some drama, some statement, or some event that transpired during the day to usher in such ire against the game. Well, it’s dead, I thought, but it must be covered, so I delved into the issue to discover what had unfolded. Only to discover there was no drama. Nor any debacle of any nature.

The trailers were being brigaded by SJW Story of Season “fans.” Nearly every comment where comments sections aren’t disabled are attacks on the game and promotions of Story of Seasons. It is hard to separate the antagonistic posts complaining of the graphics with those who might legitimately take objection with how the game looks. Sadly this comes about because the localizers for Story of Seasons decided to include gay marriage while changing dialog and names despite their iconic status.

Harvest Moon: One World Comments

Sadly this is what happens when you invite social justice warriors into your community. There was a time when people weren’t keen on Harvest Moon, but respected that it was going about its own thing after Marvelous decided to move localization in house. Now people accuse Natsume of stealing the name, conning people, and spew endless vulgarities and insults just because the game isn’t Story of Seasons.

Graphically the game looks average. Nothing inspiring, but far from horrible. Watercolored shading looked beautiful on the crops, and it would have been nicer if the game carried that style throughout its entirety.

Other than looking mediocre, there is no controversy or problem with the game. Perhaps it will be lackluster. That is not something that can be determined from such a short trailer. Life simulators like Harvest Moon, My Time at Portia, and Story of Season live and die on their writing and events, not their graphics. Whether One World succeeds or fails, we will learn later this year.

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