Horizon: Chase Turbo Dev Censors, Bans Forum Users For Not Accepting Gay Propaganda

Horizon Chase Turbo Censorship

You can’t escape it. You can’t get away from it. You can’t blind yourself to it, or cover your ears and hope to never hear of it. What am I talking about? Left-wing propaganda. It’s everywhere. Even when Centrists™ say “Just ignore it and play the games you want to play!” you can’t even do that, because as evident with Horizon: Chase Turbo – a seemingly innocent, retro-themed 3D racer for home consoles and PC – the Brazilian developers from Aquiris Game Studio decided to lace their game with gay propaganda, and anyone who doesn’t bend over and take it is being censored or banned from the Steam forums.

It started with the Summer Vibes DLC back in 2019, which featured a gay pride livery for the convertible sports car that was supposed to be paying an homage to the red Testarossa from Sega’s iconic Outrun. However, most gamers ignored the livery and continued to play Horizon: Chase Turbo, unbeknownst to them that soon there would be no way to ignore the developer’s schemes.

During June, 2020, the developers then announced a Pride event that would run up through July 9th, 2020, featuring yet another gay pride livery and LGBTQIA+ themed playground challenges.

It was plastered all over the store page for the game and the event was broadcast throughout the game itself. Gamers took to the forums to express their displeasure and disgust at a seemingly innocent arcade racer being turned into a platform for the gay agenda. However, their protests were met with censorship, and their steadfastness was met with bans.

Shortly after making the announcement thread about the event, Felipe Gugelmin from Aquiris Game Studio closed the thread when gamers began rebuffing the developer’s attempt to foist the gay agenda on them.

After the thread about the Pride event was locked, others began making other threads to discuss the topic and voice their displeasure.

Steam user Hentsi made a post on June 27th, 2020 to warn the developers not to use their game to push the gay agenda, and his thread was subsequently locked several hours later.

Others mocked the developers for closing up threads and deleting posts, but their threads were also locked, with mhenryblack’s thread being locked on June 28th, 2020.

Even Brazilian gamers were incensed that one of their favorite racing games was being hijacked to push the gay agenda.

The thread from themisteriousone didn’t last long as Felipe Gugelmin popped into the thread to state that they didn’t want people with “homophobia” playing their games, and then promptly locked the thread.

But it didn’t stop with simply locking forum threads.

Users who didn’t kowtow to the gay agenda were also banned from participating in the community.

Users who stated that diversity was a weakness, not a strength, were banned from participating in the forums.

Users who stated degeneracy existed in animals and that animals also ate their own offspring were also banned.

Users who simply stated facts, such as the drug abuse and STD rates prevalent within the homosexual community, were also banned.

Keep in mind that everything mentioned in the post is true, which is why Felipe Gugelmin had no retort or even a reason for why the ban was handed down. It’s because everything mentioned in the post is a fact.

Did you know:

These are truths that the Intersectional Inquisition don’t want you to know about, these are the truths that they don’t want you to share, these are the truths that expose their cult for promoting a lifestyle choice that is far more detrimental than it is helpful.

Most of gamers are not gay, they don’t care about your gay agenda, they don’t want to know about your gay agenda, and they don’t need your gay agenda.

If you want to be gay, be gay; but don’t force your gayness onto everyone else.

Unfortunately we’re at a point now where even speaking up against gay propaganda will net you a ban and your comments censored.

Normalcy and common sense are quickly becoming the minority when it comes to sharing opinions online.

(Thanks for the news tip Earl Bergamot)

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