Hunting Simulator 2 Launch Trailer Features Politics-Free Gaming For Men

Hunting Simulator 2

Playing as a straight, white male is now a rarity in today’s gaming world. There’s always some caveat if you do get to play as a straight, white male in an AAA game… usually he’s a secret villain, emaciated, insufferable, or worst of all… a Liberal. Well, look no further than the indie and AA sector for games that allow you to play as normal, straight, white males without any sort of conditions, silver linings, or monitions related to playing the game. Nacon America and Neopica’s Hunting Simulator 2 is one such game where you’re neither punished for playing as a straight, white male, nor admonished for enjoying the great pastime of hunting animals across America’s great outdoors.

Ahead of the game’s release on PC on July 16th, and on June 30th for the Xbox One and PS4, the official launch trailer for Hunting Simulator 2 has rolled out, giving gamers a glimpse into some of the animals they’ll be hunting, some of the equipment they’ll be using, and some of the locations they’ll be visiting.

You can check it out below.

Soak in now, fellas.

A few years from now the image of a straight, white male protagonist will not only be a rarity but it will be forbidden by most AAA publishers.

You can also forget about games promoting heterosexuality, or masculine pastimes. Those will become even more rare within the Western AAA space. But I digress.

Hunting Simulator 2 - Out In The Wild

Hunting Simulator 2 will offer gamers 160 different licensed weapons, accessories, and clothing items, as well as 33 different animal species you can hunt across national parks in Colorado and Texas.

New to this entry is a dog companion, which will be able to help you track down your prey.

You can learn more about Hunting Simulator 2 by hitting up the game’s official website or looking for it to arrive on the Xbox One and PS4 starting June 30th, or on PC starting July 16th.

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