Palais de Reine, Diplomatic Queen Simulator Launches On Steam

Palaise de Reine

Kogado Studio and Degica released Palais de Reine on Steam for PC. The strategy game fuses diplomatic politics with visual novel romance options. The game puts players in the role of a princess who is unexpectedly thrust into the role of a queen after her father and brother are taken out of the picture. It’s up to players to either find a suitable suitor for Filia, or dump the responsibilities into the hands of the power-hungry nobles.

This is classified as a Otome, but it’s much more involved than that. You’ll have an entire kingdom at your fingertips, waiting and willing to follow your lead if you’re true to the desires of the land and with honor in your heart.

However, the road to being a true monarch won’t be easy, as various nobles and rulers have designated that Filia will only be able to claim her birthright if she can prove her worth. The heiress has only one year to fulfill the duties of a queen, either through diplomatic leadership, by wedding a noble, or showing maturity and poise with her decision making. If she fails? Well, then the other nobles will take over for her.

The road to queenship won’t be easy, though, and you’ll have to prove your worth to your allies, as well, as gain the trust of your hallowed knights, who will be tasked to fight on your behalf at tournaments or to protect the dignity of the crown in trials by combat.

Amid all of the politicking and rule-making, you’ll also be able to guide Filia’s heart through a smorgasbord of potential suitors.

You’ll have to find a balance between finding someone who will help you maintain power against other foreign regions, as well as someone who will make Filia’s heart flutter with passion. Alternatively you can enter into a relationship of convenience, one that benefits the kingdom and the riches of the nation at the expense of the heiress’ own romantic desires.

So far it doesn’t look like Palais de Reine contains any kind of Left-wing degeneracy, and that makes it a title well worth purchasing if that’s the case.

You can pick up a digital copy right now from over on the Steam store for $29.99.