PQube Defends Controversial #BlackLivesMatter Tweet, Says It Isn’t Political

PQube BlackLivesMatter

One of the biggest betrayals that’s happened in recent times is PQube openly announcing their support for an organization aligned with domestic terrorism. Their explicit support of #BlackLivesMatter landed them on the Traitors of America master list. However, the individuals responsible for stoking the fires and creating a social divide within their own community are also claiming that such a stance isn’t political to begin with.

On June 1st, 2020, PQube Games betrayed their fans, and Americans, by publishing a tweet using a hashtag associated with a group that is aligned with domestic terrorism.

Association oneself with such a group is basically the equivalent of committing treason, hence why there’s an ever-growing list that we maintain call the Traitors of America.

Many fans criticized PQube for betraying their trust and aligning with extreme Leftists on social media. However, the PQube marketing team decided to mock fans and loyal gamers in their Discord channel.

Screen captures of the Discord were published online, where you can read the full logs of what was being said and how the PR team feels about people who don’t share their views.

PQube Gets Woke – OAG

PQube press rep, Anne-Lou, attempted to rationalize why the tweet was made, writing across several comments…

“[H]onestly I dont get people.

“[L]ike we have to be posting this for money somehow?

“[O]r you know, we’re humans and we wanted, as a team, to say something about this because it’s a pretty big deal.”

Most of the others in the Discord channel didn’t argue about it, but a few tried to explain that invoking #BlackLivesMatter is a political move.

Anne-Lou responded by saying…

“I get that it is […] but we’re not angling for more sales or some other favour from people.

“I think I’m gonna become a nun.”

Others tried to explain that a brand dipping its toe into a sociopolitical hot-topic and then dipping out would look hollow and that if PQube didn’t plan to follow through with it, then it would be “enough”.

Anne-Lou retorted that the message was something the whole marketing team wanted to do to avoid staying silent, saying…

“[N]ah I knew it was going to be a problem[…] but everyone in the marketing team wanted to make the post, like the head of marketing, etc., so we did.

“[L]uckily for me I have some invoices to sort out in my budgets and I can’t look at twitter all the time.

“[T]he alternative would be to say nothing at all, and then doesn’t that mean even less? [B]ut of course everyone is allowed to feel the way they do.”

Others agreed with Anne’s statements, claiming that they didn’t understand how people could disagree with their message.

Anne-Lou also tried justifying why making a tweet invoking a hashtag attached to a terrorist-aligned organization was somehow “not” political, yet supporting the freedom of Hong Kong protestors was, writing…

“I mean, personally I support HK, but THAT’s a political statement […] saying racism isn’t ok, that’s not political […] at least not to me.”

Actually the statement is very political once you attach hate organizations to the conversation, such as #BlackLivesMatter.

Sargon of Akkad did a lengthy half-hour video about all of the hate and vitriol that the #BlackLivesMatter movement have directed toward law enforcement and Caucasians.

A few others also attempted to work as an abutment for Anne’s position, reiterating that somehow denouncing racism wasn’t political.

Then Anne decided to take jabs at the people who didn’t want to see PQube, writing…

“[W]ell according to the comments that makes me a dirty SJW leftist man for having posted it.”

It’s true. Real gamers don’t support terrorist organizations.

  • Real gamers don’t support rioting.
  • Real gamers don’t support looting.
  • Real gamers don’t support vandalism.
  • Real gamers don’t support assault.
  • Real gamers don’t support murder.

Yet this is what’s taking place as riots are springing up all across the United States of America, and multiple organizations, brands, and corporations are openly supporting the groups that are fueling the chaos and destruction ripping apart the very sovereign fabric of America’s integrity.

After enough people on Twitter criticized PQube for their very obvious, anti-American sentiments, Anne-Lou finally got the hint to leave well enough alone, after someone said “Damn, that tweet really blew up”, to which Anne-Lou replied…

“[Y]eah well that’s what we get[,] guess we can steer clear in the future.”

Well, I’m sure quite a few gamers will be steering clear of PQube’s products, too.

Especially after they temporarily blocked some users for disagreeing with their politically charged stance, which is decidedly anti-American in nature.

A lot of gamers were heartbroken with PQube’s stance given that they rallied in support of them when Sony did them dirty by banning Omega Labyrinth Z from being released on the PlayStation 4 in Europe.

Gamers also rallied to support PQube when they held their ground and released Gal*Gun despite it being banned from some shops. They also showed their support when PQube’s release of Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni, which was banned by the Australian Classification Board, or when Valve tried to hide Gun Gun Pixies behind Steam’s Adults Only filter to purposely lower the game’s sales.

Yet the loyalty of gamers meant nothing to PQube, and they still decided to throw their lot in with groups enabling the destruction of America.

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