Superman: Man Of Tomorrow Trailer Seems To Bring Back The Wholesome Hero We Need

Superman Man of Tomorrow

I’m so tired of all the degenerate propaganda lacing every single square inch of the media veins that pulsate through the body of today’s entertainment. I hate all of the of the pozzed characters and their insufferable dialogue and storylines that’s foisted upon us by the tech overlords that control everything. I hate all of it. In fact, words cannot justify the swelling emotion that rages through my very being every time I see a character race-swapped, gender-swapped, or sex-swapped to embody the anti-Western depravity that seems to find its way into every video game, movie, comic book, or animation produced in the West.

However, every so often there appears to be a sliver of hope; a glimmer that shines from a small rock in a dirt pile, indicating that some measure of sanctity has been spared the wrath of the Liberal-Progressive agenda.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow appears to be one of those diamonds in the rough, a callback to a time when we revered honorable men, and just actions. As opposed to giving podiums to the miscreants tearing down historical monuments and the delinquents burning innocent people out of their homes. Superman: Man of Tomorrow represents media that promotes heroism completely bereft in our real life society.

If a heart as black as obsidian hadn’t been encased in the center of my chest, I may have cried a tear of joy.

The trailer was completely devoid of degeneracy. There was no pozz in sight. They even seemed to honor Superman showing him as a caring, mature, compassionate hero.  The kind of role-model every young man should aspire to become.

This is the kind film that Superman deserves, and it’s the kind of film whole-hearted individuals who respect Western values need.

This isn’t the kind of film that the heathens and degenerates will appreciate, but I’m sure their time is coming. Riotous behavior enabled by the uncouth isn’t long for going unpunished. Justice will be served, one way or another.

But on the upside, at least DC seems to be treating fans to a proper take on the big man in blue, and something that hearkens back to the golden age of the Man of Steel.

I’ll never forgive DC for turning beloved characters gay, constantly promoting degeneracy, and giving platforms to killers; but if this is a long path toward the road of redemption, then perhaps this is a sign of better times to come.

Of course, always be mindful of subversion: An earnest man can always hope, but he should never stop expecting the worse.

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