The Last Of Us: Part 2 Ending Leaks And Confirms Rumors *Spoilers*

A mouth full of fingers, a deflated Abby with a dyke haircut, a disturbing beach fight, a muscly and bloody Ellie, and erroneous flashbacks are just pieces of The Last of Us: Part 2’s ending. With story’s plots sinking lower than Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross’ GPA, you can see the game’s ending right here without spending any cold hard cash on The Last of Us: Part 2.

Someone that has access to the game has shared the following videos for your viewing pleasure, which confirms rumors circulating on the web as of recent.

The first video depicts a worn and torn Ellie wandering through a field of people hanging from crosses. These people are being prepped to be starved to death by a group of armed people holding others as hostages.

After finding the very person she was out to get, Ellie rescues a pleading Abby down from a cross. Abby doesn’t want to fight Ellie and wants to help save Lev.

Ellie cautiously stares Abby down as Lev is brought from the cross and carried to a shore loaded with two boats ready for departure. Abby tells Ellie: “There are boats this way,” and Ellie follows with furrowed brows.

As the three are about to depart, with Abby and lev leaving in one boat and Ellie seeking to get in a separate one, Ellie has a flashback of Abby beating in Joel’s head with expert golfing skills and can’t fathom the thought of Joel’s killer getting away.

Confronting Abby with a stern voice, Ellie says: “I can’t let you leave.” Abby repeatedly declines her face-off by saying, “I’m not doing this.” After the back and forth exchange, Ellie grabs Abby by its dyke haircut and throws the deflated pro golfer into the water.

Ellie on the offense and Abby playing passive, the situation escalates when the former involves Lev, which forces the latter to respond and accept the aforesaid fight.

As the two get down and dirty on the beach, Ellie loses two of her fingers trying to drown Abby. Ellie gaining the upper hand in the fight, she almost kills Abby but fails to follow through due to a flashback of Joel playing the guitar.

You can watch all of this unfold right here:

THE ENDING. from r/TheLastOfUs2

Assuming the second video is still up, which is unlikely, the scene moves on from Ellie crying on the beach (and letting Abby and Lev go) to her back at the farmhouse.

Using a close-up shot to show the aftermath of the recent battle and how Ellie lost her left pinky and ring finger, the camera also focuses in on the house as she slowly returns to with subtle hints of pain.

After examining an empty house where her partner (Dina) left her for seeking out revenge, Ellie looks at a few albums and then pulls out her guitar. Upon trying to play the instrument, the lesbian realizes that she can no longer solo finger by herself. And thus, the player is greeted with the end screen and credits:

If the video happens to be missing, stills of it lie below:


The Last of Us: Part 2 will release for PS4 on June 19th, 2020.