The Last Taxi, VR Sci-Fi Game Pokes Fun At Communist Dystopia

The Last Taxi

Canadian developer ZenFri is working on a new virtual reality, narrative-driven taxi game set in a dystopian future called The Last Taxi. The game is about a taxi driver (you) who has been cast out of his cushy job in the upper echelons of the last great city on Earth. The taxi driver has been relegated to the lower-end slums of society after having his job replaced by automatons.

While working in the sludge-infested ghetto of a futuristic society, you’re one day left with an undocumented infant by a wounded anti-technocratic insurgent. This leads to a further crackdown on the lower class by the police, and it forces you to have to make some daring choices that will affect the lives of you and the citizens of the last great city on the planet, Progress Point.

You can check out the perky trailer below, which is cut together like a corporate promotional ad for a product you don’t need.

The game takes very obvious jabs at the Communist utopia that Liberal Progressives keep promising.

The upper echelon of Progress Point no longer have to work thanks to universal wealth sharing… but it doesn’t apply to everyone in the slums; those poor louses still have to muck by working petty jobs and scraping together whatever kind of cash they can from menial labor to make ends meet.

The game gives you a deep dive into what a society would be like if the Liberal elites allowed Antifa to destroy the balance of society and allow anyone who wasn’t part of the Liberal-Progressive caste to be burdened under the yoke of a Communist regime.

The game will see players interacting with and attempting to ferry 80 different passengers from various walks of life, all while making choices to either help them or report them to the authorities depending on what they’ve done, along with choosing to fight back against the crooked system or narrowly navigate through the conduit of a morally tenuous society to find some modicum of peace.

The game features around 10 hours of gameplay and up to 20 different endings you can unlock. The money you gather from passengers can also be used to upgrade your taxi.

The game’s commentary about overt Big Brother-style surveillance, underclass inequality, and the nightmare that is Communism could be a much-needed wake-up call for gamers who still seem to be asleep as to what’s happening in current day society.

It’s a bold move by a Canadian developer, especially with face-paint extraordinaire, Madame Trudeau, constantly trying to edge the great north’s society toward the very socioeconomic setup that the game is criticizing.

You can follow or learn more about The Last Taxi by visiting the Steam store page.

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