Visa Bans Gab

Gab Banned

Visa has banned Gab from their payment processing services. The browser, comment, and social media tech company can no longer process donations or funds through any of Visa’s services.

The news about the ban was revealed through a newsletter notice sent out by Gab, where they explained the situation, writing…

“Gab has been blacklisted by Visa for ‘promoting hate speech.’

“Gab does no such thing. This is like saying Google “promotes hate speech” because you can search for racial slurs on their search engine and get results. Gab is a neutral technology platform. We follow the law, have an excellent relationship with law enforcement, and have a clear set of community guidelines that detail what is allowed on our website and what is not.

“The bottom line is that Gab is not controlled and cannot be controlled by the oligarchic elite who are working to overthrow our countries and infect them with communism. It’s no coincidence that Katie Hopkins was banned from Twitter today, Zerohedge and The Federalist had their comment sections censored by Google, and VDARE is getting banned by their domain registrar. All of this is coordinated. It’s targeted.

“Where is the President? Where is Congress?

“Tweeting and ‘monitoring the situation.’ That’s where. “

They’re not wrong, but they’re also not innocent either. Gab did ban loli content, calling it “demonic garbage“, they also came out as anti-porn, and later banned a large swathe of users they claimed were “Alt-Right” in order to kowtow to the Left-wing hate machine that tried to get the service deplatformed from Amazon. However, on the other side of the table there hasn’t been much help from elected officials to protect the spirit of free speech in online communities.

President Donald Trump has been “monitoring the situation” for the past year, and even his executive order to strip Big Tech of their 230 protections is more about posturing than taking actions.

Even after Google forced The Federalist and Zero Hedge to nuke and censor the comments, the most that happened was that Tucker Carlson took Google to task, a few Conservatives puffed their chests on social media, and then everything went back to normal.

As pointed out in the newsletter by Gab, banks are still operating with the “Operation Choke Point” mandate, blacklisting and stonewalling services and businesses that they claim are “high-risk”…

“No one is coming to save us and no one is coming to save you. It’s on all of us to save ourselves.

“So we have lost credit card processing yet again after a year and a half of working to get it restored. We have been under attack at the payment processing level all month long. In early June we were abruptly banned by two separate underwriting banks without cause.

“’Risk related reasons’ is the excuse. These banks have no problem processing payments for pornography websites which are loaded with child exploitation, human trafficking, and more. They have no problem processing payments for cannabis, which is still illegal at the federal level. They have no problems processing payments for gambling websites.

“Gab sells t-shirts, hats, and a software subscription service. I guess that’s ‘high risk’ to these people.”

It’s true, no one is coming to save you.

Centrists™ will say, “Well Gab should build their own payment processor!” and they already have, but further up the chain they’re still being blackballed by the processing authorities and issuing banks.

Freedom is on its death throes, and nearly every Conservative has stood by and watched as the embers of sovereignty burn out under the stifling cloud of Left-wing induced anarchy.

This is the end. We tried to warn you. You lost.

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