Wizards Of The Coast Drops Artist Terese Nielsen Following Complaints From SJWs

Terese Nielsen Fired Magic The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast have apparently stopped working with artist Terese Nielsen following a hate-campaign led by Social Justice Warriors to get the artist fired for liking and following author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich on Twitter.

Hipsters of the Coast published an article on June 19th, 2020 indicating that the confirmation of Nielsen’s job loss was confirmed through the Weekly MTG stream that aired on Twitch.tv June 18th, 2020.

[Update 6/24/2020:] A video of the clip was uploaded to Twitter thanks to Bounding Into Comics’ John F. Trent.

Hipsters of the Coast transcribed statements from Doug Beyer, the principal game designer on the worldbuilding team for Magic: The Gathering, where he responded to a question from a fan about whether or not they had commissioned any new art from Terese Nielsen. Beyer stated…

“Great question. We hear you.

“We haven’t commissioned new art from Terese Nielsen in quite a while. The last product that will have any reprint art from her is this Fall with Zendikar Rising.”

The news managed to travel back to Cernovich, who lamented that Nielsen had been fired for simply following him on Twitter.

The issue originally arose back in April of 2019, where a gathering storm of Social Justice Warriors mobilized like Grixian zombies to dogpile Nielsen, forcing her to craft a letter in response to them calling for Wizards of the Coast to fire her for following Conservatives on Twitter.

Wizards of the Coast followed through and have no longer taken to commissioning artwork from the legendary Magic: The Gathering artist.

The Cancel Culture machine is now in full bloom, and there’s no slowing it down. Centrists™ have practically grown silent in their amphilogical gestures to muddy the conversation and deflect the blame from SJWs. At this point, any and everyone who isn’t adopting the Left-wing agenda is losing their job, even people who are only tangentially related to those who have committed wrongthink, as outlined in a segment by Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

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