Battletoads Official Release Trailer Brings Current Year Cal Art-Style Front And Center

The abomination not only lives but continues to desecrate the very essence of Battletoads. The bad bunch of boys or toads are no longer the hardcore metal oozing amphibians ready to turn their adversaries inside out. Instead, Microsoft and Dlala Studios (with the assistance of Rare Studios) unabashedly took current year artwork that you’d find on Cartoon Network and made a new Battletoads game for PC and Xbox One come August 20th, 2020.

Microsoft and Dlala Studios made sure to cover the sexy shape of the Dark Queen, reduce her boobs, slim her butt down, and make her sex appeal drop so low to ensure she doesn’t offend some random snowflake out in the wild.

And for those of you out of the loop, here’s the Dark Queen’s old attire vs. her new current year re-design:


Anyway, the forthcoming game follows the three toads after teaming up with the deflated Tumblr-Esque Dark Queen to stop the “Topians.” With that said, you can check out the upcoming beat ’em up game right here:

“It’s been quite a while – 26 years, in fact – but at long last, the Battletoads are ready to morph, leap and smash their way back into the limelight for an all-new adventure helmed by Dlala Studios and supported by series creator Rare, a partnership first teased during E3 2018’s Xbox showcase.

Whether this is your first time encountering the warty warriors or you consider yourself a Battletoads veteran, you won’t have long to wait until the trio burst back onto the scene. Battletoads will be available on August 20 for Xbox Game Pass members to download and play on Xbox One and Windows 10, and will also be available to buy on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam the same day!”

It needs to be said again, but folks looking for the old boys to come back and rock this world with all sorts of crazy and wacky stuff won’t find it in Microsoft and Dlala Studios’ latest take on Battletoads given the censorship and “new” direction.

Lastly, Battletoads is set to release late next month across PC and Xbox One.