Bokuten: Why I Became An Angel Banned From Steam

Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel

[Update 8/4/2020:] Valve has reversed their decision to ban Bokuten. The game is now available again on the Steam store.

[Original article:] Overdrive’s Bokuten: Why I Became An Angel is a visual novel that’s been out for quite some time. It originally released in Japan all the way back in 2012, and later was picked up by publisher MangaGamer for an English release on Steam in December of 2019. However, recently the all-ages version of the game was banned from Steam.

The Nukige Group spotted the recent removal, which took place on July 29th, 2020 according to the SteamDB entry.

The community hub is still available on Steam, for now. So you might be able to ask a few questions about the ban before it gets taken down or hidden by Valve.

This is just another in a long line of visual novels and anime-themed games that have been banned from Steam over the years, even though the game has been available for purchase on the Steam store for nearly a year, as detailed on the VNDB page.

What’s more is that this isn’t a case of the publisher trying to sneak an R18+ ptach out to the public after getting the all-ages version approved for release. MangaGamer had the uncensored patch ripe and ready with the all-ages release of the game back when it first launched for Steam in late 2019.

As of the writing of this article, MangaGamer has yet to make any announcements about the game’s store page being completely removed from Steam.

Typically if it were copyright related then the rights holder has to send a DMCA claim to Valve, who in turn will usually disable the buy button on the store page until the copyright issue between the rights holder and the developer/publisher is resolved. In this case, the entire store page and all its contents were simply removed, indicating that it was banned for some reason.

It could be because some of the characters have school outfits, but then why ban the game now?

We’ve noticed that there’s been an uptick in visual novel and anime games — even the all-ages versions — being banned that are strictly heterosexual, and Bokuten: Why I Became An Angel certainly fits the bill.

Also, the developer has not been banned from Steam, which is what happens in some cases. You can still access Overdrive’s other products on the Steam store.

Some pro-censorship advocates will likely try to blame it on the store page containing “adult” material, but an archive of the Steam store page reveals that there was nothing risque nor remotely “adult” about Bokuten: Why I Became An Angel.

At this point unless there’s an official announcement as to what could have led to the ban, we’re left in the dark just like with a lot of other games on the Waifu Holocaust banned game list.

(Thanks for the news tip Anon)