Fable Has An All-Star Team Working on It

It sure would be nice to learn something about the new Fable that doesn’t originate from leaks. Alas, for the time being, Microsoft appears committed to remaining silent on the game’s development and details.

While we wait for Microsoft to say and confirm anything, we now have a comprehensive list of who will be occupying key positions on the development team for the upcoming game. Courtesy of Video Games Chronicle who also listed their prior experience, we can see the cast includes many highly experienced developers brought in from across the industry.

Creative director – Ralph Fulton (Forza Horizon series)

Chief designer – Will Kennedy (GTA V and Online)

Principle game designer – Juan Fernández de Simón (Hellblade)

Level design director – Craig Littler (Forza Horizon series)

Senior game designer – Grant Orban (Forza Horizon series)

Lead quest designer – Hunter Wright (Borderlands 2 and 3)

Narrative director – Martin Lancaster (Batman Arkham series)

Audio director – Douglas Watson (Forza Horizon series)

Lead environment artist – Adam Olsson (The Division 2)

Principle environment artist – Scotty Brown (Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 2)

Lead character artist – Tom Isaksen (Ghost Recon Wildlands, Hitman Contracts)

Lead animator – Simon Bean (Dambuster, Exient)

Cinematic director – Mark Tan (Batman Arkham Knight)

Lead technical animator – Harry Gladwin-Geoghegan (Forza Horizon 3 and 4)

Lead technical artist – Mike Pickton (Tom Clancy’s The Division)

Lead FX artist – Brian Merrill (Ready At Dawn)

Lead gameplay engineer – John Baker (Forza Horizon series)

UI lead – Joe Mckernan (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Senior producer – Ian Mitchell (Star Wars: Battlefront 2)

Production director – Sean Eyestone (Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5)

Certain conclusions can be reached based on who is occupying key development roles. Prior rumors claimed Fable was going to be an online game similar to Destiny, the Division, but all core structural positions are being filled with developers with single-player experience.

Chief designer Will Kennedy previously worked as a level and game designer at Rockstar North before being promoted to the senior online mission and flow designer for GTA V Online. Although his later work centered around GTA V’s online component, his work was more a transition of his prior tasks into an online space.

Every position filled by someone with multiplayer experience is related to a technical department, not core design. Though with this much multiplayer experience the question does arise how extensive the game’s multiplayer will be?

Answering that question, Window’s Central reached out to their sources who confirmed the game will be an action-RPG that can be played entirely in single player. Alternatively, players can play the game in co-op with some shared world elements.

It cannot be stressed enough that the average consumer should not be forced to search around various sources just to confirm whether a game will be a single-player experience or an MMO. Microsoft may have some exciting games in development, but name recognition alone is not going to muster much hype for their next-generation console.