Fairy Tail Trailer Highlights Character Stories And Party Skills

Fairy Tail

Koei Tecmo and Gust rolled out a new trailer for the upcoming JRPG, which is due to drop for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and on PC at the end of July. The trailer focuses on the character interaction stories that are unlocked as you mosey around different party members and take on event quests.

The trailer starts by outlining that all the major original events take place around the city and at the guild, and involve a variety of different characters. You can use these events to unlock new story quests or character events that you can use to strengthen your party.

Different characters have different story interactions, so the game compels you to explore and use each of the characters you encounter throughout the game to see new events and strengthen the guild’s bond

The character building process isn’t just about uncovering the hopes, dreams, desires, and ambitions for each party member, it’s also about unlocking new skills that you can bring with you into battle as those bonds increase, not unlike Ar Tonelico or Fire Emblem.

You’re encouraged to mix and match party members, explore their stories, upgrade their bonds, and unlock new team-based skills and combos to do even more damage during combat.

Hopefully the game is properly scaled so that there’s an actual reason to unlock those party skills and there’s a proper difficulty spike for those who grow powerful enough to curb stomp enemies.

So far Fairy Tail seems to retain proper Japanese culture, sexy females, jiggly boobs, and fan-service galore.

I don’t know how long Gust will be able to keep this up given how much censorship is coming down around the ears of the nation of samurai, but they seem to be hanging on for dear life.

You can look for Fairy Tail to launch on July 31st for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and on Steam for PC.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)