PlayStation Deletes Gamer Girl FMV Trailer Following Backlash For Promoting Simps

Gamer Girl Simpulator

Sony is full of Social Justice Warriors; ideologically driven collectivists who are all-in on subverting and converging our culture in order to transform it into a Communist dystopia. Every time this little fact is brought up there a number of Centrists who will hand-wave it away while continually promoting Sony’s products or trying to convince people that Cultural Marxists don’t exist, Cancel Culture is a myth, and that deplatforming is good for “bad” people. Well, this time around the equivocations and deflections weren’t enough to steer away the backlash aimed at Wales Interactive’s new FMV thot-simulator, Gamer Girl.

The trailer was originally published on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, but after downvotes and negative comments flooded the video, Sony removed it. Thankfully, copies of the video were made and e-sports consultant Rod Breslau posted up the full trailer for your viewing pleasure.

The 18+ title is rightfully being called a Simpulator, since you’re basically taking on the role of a permanently friend-zoned moderator who must cull “harassing” and “offensive” comments from the gamer girl’s chat stream like a good little beta cuck.

The game is all sorts of disgusting, promoting degenerate thot culture, beta attitudes in men, as well as cuckoldry. It’s everything that’s wrong with modern day society and gaming.

Wales Interactive, however, decided to run some damage control on July 16th, 2020, following the debut of the trailer.

Attempting to redirect the ire into a conduit of mental health awareness didn’t go over too well for Wales Interactive. Instead, a lot of people began complaining that there weren’t enough women writers working on the game (WTF?) or that this was a #GamerGate power-fantasy (WTFx2?) and that the game glorifies male control over female streamers.

Some of the people criticizing the game are more deranged than the concept of the trailer itself.

At this point, I’m just glad seeing the Left eating the Left.

YouTuber Hobo Wretic also did a video about it, chewing into the simps, cucks, and betas that the game aspires to court.

I’m tired of Social Justice Warriors ruining everything, but seeing Left-wing activism get dumped on by Left-wing activists does nothing but give me the giggles. It serves them right.

(Thanks for the news tip VersedGamer)