Spiders Steelrise is Woke Garbage

Previously, in covering the tease of Spiders’ latest announcement, I proclaimed that I remained skeptical of the company. Prior to Technomancer, the developer had produced flawed yet enjoyable RPGs. Even with Technomancer, the first chapter remains one of the best explorations of the security vs. freedom philosophical debate. It is unfortunate that after the first chapter, the game occupied itself with thinly veiled pro-illegal immigration and black lives matter propaganda.

Greedfall was a surprising return to form. Not entirely free of any wokeness as every group was a multi-ethnic society. This went on to serve the game’s narrative exploration of the various cultural ideas. Alas, though it is far from being a philosophical treaty, it nevertheless was a worthwhile experience regarding the exploration of the presented concepts. One that hopefully showed the company had returned to form and finished with including politically hamfisted narratives into their games.

Then they announced the game, and it is so woke it attempts to rewrite history. Set during an alternative history French Revolution, it sees characters assume the role of the female automata, Aegis. As a sworn guardian to Queen Marie-Antoinette, you will combat the mad King Louis XVI’s mechanized hordes that he is using to crush the French Revolution.

Here’s the problem, setting aside the apparent toxic masculinity themes and multi-ethnic French Revolution, Louis XVI, during the beginning of his reign, attempted to reform French society. He abolished serfdom, removed the land and labor taxes, and lessened religious discrimination. The reason the French Revolution happened was a direct result of these reforms angering the French Nobility who were against them. During the same period, France experienced several failed harvests that drove widespread starvation throughout the entire nation. Leading to the political elite inciting the anger of the people into a full-on revolt.

Louis XVI is also famous for having helped form America by supporting the founding Fathers in their war of independence against Britain. Marie Antoinette, by comparison, was considered a treasonous whore by the French people They believed she had more allegiance to her native Austria than she did with them. During the revolution she spent vast sums of the nation’s finances on lavish parties, dresses, and other luxuries while her people starved to death.

If you were crafting a game, which of these two would you call a mad monarch? The King who gave his people freedom or the Queen that squandered the treasury while her people starved?

(Thanks for the tip Doom Guy)