State of Decay 3 is Announced

Perhaps it is a bit of a flex, but unlike others, I’ve genuinely enjoyed the zombie genre. When the first State of Decay was released, people marveled at the mechanics and systems in place, but to me, it just felt like a watered-down 3D Rebuild. Rebuild being a flash game with a similar concept and vastly better execution. As it does not create an artificial limitation by limiting your base range.

State of Decay 2 was a marked improvement, both graphically and from a gameplay standpoint. A lot of the rough edges from the poorly aged original were smoothed over, creating a more enjoyable experience. Everything from vehicle handling to exploration was overhauled, and it would have left a great game if not for the simple fact the game’s spawn system ruins the entire experience.

Imagine wiping out a horde of zeds, taking out several special freaks along the way. Then the very next day, another horde spawns right outside our base, two more juggernauts are roaming about, and the realization that no matter how many of them you put down. No matter how many hordes are annihilated, your actions won’t have any impact on the state of the world. That killed State of Decay 2 for me, but State of Decay 3 appears to be aiming for a more survival experience.

You know what? The token female black character isn’t even the worse aspect of that trailer. As cringe as the blatant pandering is, it is outweighed by her wearing clothes that look fresh from the department store during the apocalypse. What every other outlet is focusing on though, is the addition of zombified animals.

Hardly a revolutionary addition, but if the experience is overhauled to have a more grounded and living world, their inclusion has the potential to be quite horrifying. Especially if food management is added to the game, and these monsters are capable of decimating your local ecology.

Aesthetically the trailer has a more visceral appearance that is in stark contrast to the more cartoonish stylings of the previous games.

It would be undoubtedly helpful to actually know something about this game other than it’s happening, they’re virtue signaling, and hey, we’re getting zombified animals. Just like Resident Evil 2 back on the N64. Yet this is the extent of the announcement.