Evenicle 2 Censored For Steam

Evenicle 2 Censored

The first Evenicle managed to release on Steam during a pivotal time when Valve had said that anything that wasn’t illegal or “straight up trolling” would be allowed on the store. This also came directly after one of Valve’s staff stood up on stage and said that they weren’t going to be the “taste police”. That, however, didn’t last long. While a few games managed to release on Steam unscathed and uncensored, such as Evenicle, many others since then have not. Evenicle 2 is one of those games that was unable to escape Valve’s new censorship policies.

In a couple of threads made on August 18th, 2020 via Twitter, the game’s developer, Alicesoft, first explained that the release of Evenicle 2: Clinical Trial Edition contains mosaics due to Japanese law.

If they can find a publisher to publish the game outside of Japan, then they can release a version without the mosaics.

Sometimes uncensored patches are released as well to remove the mosaics for the Western audience.

However, mosaics aren’t much of a problem compared to another big issue: cut content.

Alicesoft acknowledged that in order to get Evenicle 2 published on Steam, they had to censored a sex scene between Alex and Kano.

At least Alicesoft is in talks with other distritbutors so that gamers can purchase a version of the game that isn’t hacked down and butchered to meet the tenuous and ever-tightening rules set by Valve’s ideologically-driven staff.

Many other games have also had to either censor, remove, or alter content to appease Valve’s staff in order to secure a release on Steam.

Simon Creative, for instance, had to completely remove an entire character from the all-ages version of Food Girls because Valve didn’t like the fact that the character was a loli.

Lilith also had to remove some of the violent and sexual imagery from the Taimanin Asagi: Trial Edition in order to secure a release on Steam.

The same thing happened with both Saya no Uta Remastered and Jianshi x Daoshi.

Expect the censorship requirements to keep escalating now that Valve’s staff knows that they can force Asian developers to butcher their games in order to make it onto Steam. Characters, scenes, and concepts are all fair game for censorship and now that this has become the standard don’t expect it to change.

(Thanks for the news tip Master Nemesis)