Monolith Bay, Free-to-Play H-Game Available For Download

Monolith Bay

Team Monolith announced that their free-to-play H-game, Mnolith Bay, is currently available for download. The adventure dating manages to combine open-world exploration with dating sim mechanics, complete with interactive H-scenes.

Monolith Bay centers around a young man who moves to the small coastal town in an attempt to rescue his parents, help his stepsister, and discover what his mad-scientist uncle is up to. All the meanwhile gamers will have to uncover the secrets of Monolith Bay and the dark past of the seemingly idyllic town.

The gameplay revolves around interacting with NPCs, partaking in mini-games to earn some dosh, and trying to build up relationships with some of the hot chicks scattered around town. You can check out the safe for work version of the trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay and visuals are like.

The game features eight different girls to romance, each with their own traits and quirks, along with multiple locations to visit throughout the game world.

Visually the game doesn’t look bad to be an indie title. Instead of going for realistic graphics it sports a more a stylized approach to the characters and world, attempting to avoid the uncanny valley.

I’m not sure how diverse the gameplay mechanics are to keep interests high and retain replayability, but in today’s ecosystem where there are so many different attacks from certain groups trying to disrupt or ban games aimed at heterosexuals, you can’t knock Team Monolith for at least putting some strong effort into bringing the game to life.

I doubt that it will pass the muster of Valve’s Taste Police, so you probably shouldn’t expect to see it on Steam anytime soon. Even still, if you were interested in picking up a digital copy you can do so from over on the Team Monolith Patreon page.